Workaholism, Good or Bad for Weight Loss


Workaholism Good or BadToday’s world is full of competition and everybody is running towards success and money. Many people take Work holism as a Mantra for success. They give first and foremost priority to their work. They just and just worry about their work and carry on with it at no matter what the place and what the time it is. Have you thought that being workaholic can actually make you deprived of many things including your family life?

Symptoms which reveal that you are a workaholic:

  • Working for longer hours is the first sign. Working extra hours can steal your rate of efficiency and productivity.
  • When you can’t ignore work when it needs to be. People carry their work to home, to their vacation or in their sickness. They just can’t think beyond work.
  • When you find yourself in constrained relationship. As relationship needs time and presence at times of need. But in front of work they get ignored and then result in estrangement.
  • When your body doesn’t function normally. Means ineffective digestive system, muscle and back pain and some body ache are common examples.
  • When day and night are same for people who work.
  • When you have inadequate sleep and your body doesn’t respond well.
  • When you can’t manage time for exercise and walking reveals that you need time for yourself.
  • When stress and body ailments become your best friend then it’s a high time you need to alter your life style.
  • When people around you has stopped making any expectation from you.


Some common disadvantages of being a Workaholic:

  • Weight gain
  • Stress, anxiety and sleep disorder
  • Body aches, heart problems
  • Low metabolism
  • Junk food as its more handy leading to BP and digestion problems
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • If there is excessive use of body and brain without relaxation then body is not able to do repair & tear
  • Strained relationships
  • Withdrawal from social activities can leave you alone


Work life balance is indispensable otherwise in the long run your efficiency of doing work decreases and then you can feel the blues. Family support, love affection plays an important role in the success of a person. They should not be neglected and even work and health balance is mandatory.

Techniques to avoid Work health balance:

  • Spending at least 30 min in physical workout is good for health
  • Avoiding junk and having homemade food can enhance your metabolism and love
  • Doing yoga is the effective technique as it provides both mental and physical well being
  • Engross yourself in at least one of your hobby whether it is dancing, swimming or music
  • Keep handy nuts and fruits on your workstation
  • Always take a break from work and do some stretching
  • Avoid sleeping in day time as it upsets the routine of the day
  • Frequent health problems should not be avoided so consult doctor
  • Don’t forget to take at least 7 hrs. sleep
  • If facing sleeping problems then consult a psychologist
  • Self-medication should be avoided
  • Take a break and go for adventurous trip or trekking with family and friends


So remember friends that we have only one life. Live life to fullest and enjoy it with your loved ones. Don’t avoid health as only it can create or destroy you. So if work is important then playing and pause is also important. So don’t forget the very true saying:

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.