Working more and Sleeping for less than 6 hrs.??


Working more and Sleeping for less than 6 hrs.? – People who love their work more than anything in this world or who are compelled to do more work and their maximum hours are engrossed with work then they are defined as Workaholic. This is being written to cast some light on the health issues of workaholic people. As per researches and studies done on sleep disorders and work holism  it has been found that if a person is doing 2 jobs at a time or night shift due to which normal sleeping hours are being affected then he or she is not well.

In this competitive scenario people are running their adrenalin rush just to overcome each other in rat race.But sacrificing sleep for this can result in more bad than good.  Let’s know how:
According to Psychologists and other scientists sleep disorders can be the result of:

  • Hypertension
  • Emotional stress and depression
  • Obesity
  • Alcohol and drug consumption

Sleep disorders can lead to various problems like

  • Health Problems: recurrent sleep loss can cause serious health problems like:
  1. Heart attack
  2. High Blood Pressure
  3. Fluctuating Heart beat
  4. Stroke
  5. Abnormal insulin levels
  6. Heart disease
  7. Disturbed Immune system
  8. Disrupted Brain and nervous system
  9. Low metabolism

 Absentmindedness:sleeping promotes growth hormones and and helps repair cell damage. Lack of sleep prevents brain to heed attention to details and learn new things affecting both short and long term memory. Moreover it also kills creativity.

  • A reason for Accident: during driving drowsiness can cause a serious mishappening. Brain fails to act quickly as our actions and reactions become slow.
  • Lower Sex Drive: lack of sleep lowers down libido and interest in sex. Main reasons are decreased energy levels and tension levels. Lower metabolism rate restricts our physical activeness
  • Aging Skin:dark circles and puffed eyes are the normal result of less sleep but continuous sleep disorder can lead to fine lines, break outs and unhealthy skin health can age more early. As we tend to eat junk, oily and fatty food putting our Digestion system at stake.
  • Weight Gain: during work we don’t realize the amount of calories we consume. Moreover while working we don’t mind going for high fat and high carbohydrate fast food like pizza, pastries, fries etc. studies reveal that people with less than 6 hrs of sleep are 30% more likely to be obese.

Lack of sleep also causes cravings for high calorie foods.

  • Risk of life as per British researcher. As lack of sleep causes various cardiovascular diseases. As body fails to maintain its systems properly
  • Bad Decision making: less mental alertness and poor ability to foresee events can lead to erroneous decision making. As mind and body tend to fail in coordinating with each other. Cognitive and emotional stability lowers down, losing control over mind.
  • Relationship at stake: stress and fight take the place of love and passion in relationship and the family members suffer. Moreover Hallucinations, impulsive behavior, manic depression and suicidal thoughts become common.

Sleep is indispensable for repairing and healing heart and blood vessels.

People take pride in telling that they are working for so long and sacrificing their sleep. But they forget while running in blind race that health is wealth and if health is affected then there would be no requirement of wealth as your body would not be able to enjoy the luxuries which can be bought by your wealth.

Guru suggests that by eating proper meals and regular physical activity at times can save you from the aftereffects of workaholism.

So don’t underestimate the cons of less sleep.