Why you should drink warm water in the morning?


Benefits of drinking warm water



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Warm water helps in replenishing fluids from your body. It also improves digestion, release congestion and makes you feel relaxed. Drink warm water in the morning or right before bed for maximum benefits. You can also add lemon in it for vitamin C boost.

Here are some ways that adding warm water may benefit you.

  1. Relieves nasal cramming

The warmness of hot water creates steam. Taking a deep inhale of hot vapours while holding the cup of warm water helps in loosen clogged sinuses and even provide relieve in a sinus headache. It will also prove beneficial during the sore throat, taking a sip of warm water at the time of mucous buildup soothe a sore throat.

  1. Helps in digestion

Drinking warm water relaxes and activates your digestive system. As the water reaches your internal organs like stomach and intestines it hydrated your digestive organs and eliminate the entire residue inside. Moreover, hot water dissolves all the stuff you have eaten that your body might not able to digests.


  1. Composed central nervous system

Warm water helps in calming down your central nervous system and lubricates your body. When your central nervous system is informed regarding healthy and controlled reactions, you will feel relaxed and less panicked in your entire day.  A person suffering from arthritis gets extra advantages from drinking warm water.

  1. Keeps you hydrated

Hot as well as cold water both have no difference when it comes to keeping you hydrated.

Health authorities have suggested that an adult should drink eight-ounce glasses ( about 2 litres or a half gallon) of water in a whole day.


  1. Helps in weight loss

Drinking warm water wakes your body temperature control system up. It brings your internal temperature down and activates your metabolism. Warm water helps your intestine to clear out the waste that is bolting your body.