Why Sleep is Important for Weight Loss?


According to National Sleep Foundation (NSF), sleep is imperative for Human being’s health and well-being. Sleep is the state when both mind and body of human being is at rest. But according to survey done by NSF millions of people are suffering from lack of sleep. It is now becoming a fashion like late night parties, late working hours etc.

Reasons for less sleep:

  1. excessive us of mobile and laptops
  2. using mobile at night,
  3. use of alcohol,
  4. unhealthy eating habits
  5. watching late night TV
  6. any kind of emotional stress
  7. any kind of illness
  8. excessive competition and late night working hours
  9. excessive intake of caffeine
  10. excessive activity on social sites

Effects of Sleep Deficiency:

Less sleep can harm you in many ways like:

  • can be a reason for chronic health problems like heart disease and eye problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke (5)
  • less sleep definitely affects your immune system(6)
  • moreover if no rest is given to rain in form of sleep then it also doesn’t work properly and we make wrong decisions(1)
  • lack of sleep can be a reason for emotional distress
  • it leads to obesity & weight gain in children and adults
  • sleep deficiency directly affects total energy expenditure, intake of food and weight gain
  • it leads to behavioral problems(2)
  • it directly affects brain activity
  • it increases stress levels which results in weight gain

How to get a good night sleep?

  • Switch off all the lights
  • Sleep in a darker room and in silence
  • Keep your mobile on silent mode and put an alarm
  • Always aim to sleep at fixed time and finish your important work before that
  • Eat before 4 hrs. from sleeping
  • Take a mild walk before sleeping
  • Have a warm glass of milk with honey
  • Can take a bath before sleep. It is the best way to induce sleep
  • Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow
  • Exercise regularly
  • Include at least 10 minutes of yoga in your daily routine
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid heavy meal at night and always eat timely

Good Sleep Can:

  • Boost our productivity
  • Enhance our mood
  • Improves Concentration
  • adequate sleep contribute consumption of fewer calories
  • we tend to indulge in more physical activity
  • aid in weight loss directly
  • lower down stress levels

Finally the conclusion is that good health is directly proportionate to good sleep with regular exercise and diet.