Why Eat Quinoa, Amaranth for Weight loss diet?


We at Guru Ghantaal often advise you to eat quinoa or amaranth. Here are the reasons why we ask you to include these grains in your diet.

amaranth and Quinoa

Why Eat Quinoa, Amaranth for Weight loss diet? – Firstly people feel Quinoa or Amaranth has come into lime light recently but the fact is that these grains have been growing since more than 5000 years back. Are ancestors have been regularly consuming these grains. But in modern kitchens with modern recipes some healthy ingredients just vanished from our plates.

Both Quinoa and Amaranth belong to the Amaranthaceae family. Packed with nutrients they are called MOTHER OF ALL GRAINS. In India we only grow amaranth and it is commonly called Ramdana or Chaulai. This seed is freely used during navratra fast in various forms.

Nutritional facts about this wonder food

  • Best plant source of protein. These grains are are complete proteins i.e. contain all the 9 Essential amino acids. Even more than soya or an egg. An average size egg has 7 gms of protein where as 1 cup of quinoa/amaranth has 9 gms of protein. But unlike the animal protein this grain in fat free.
  • An excellent source of Omega 3 (oleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). These grains actually have a property to reduce the bad cholesterol from our body and prevent us from heart diseases.
  • Rich in all the minerals these grains are of valuable component to healthy living. They are one of the richest sources of manganese. ¾ cup of this grain provides us of our 59% of daily requirement of manganese. Manganese an antioxidant helps to build connective tissues, bones and even regulates our sex hormones. Recently physicians are even giving manganese to regulate bowl movement. Wow!!
  • Recent studies have shown a long list of Anti inflammatory Phytonutrients present in them. So they prevent us from various inflammations in our body and ultimately help to reduce weight.
  • Rich in fibre. 1 serving of this grain has 5 gms of fibre which equals to 18% of total intake of fibre in a day.
  • As this grain is gluten free the risk of any kind of allergies is 0%. This is the best supplement for those suffering from celiac disease especially kids.
  • It’s not a grain!! It’s a seed. So it can be easily consumed during any kind of fast. Adding this grain to your fast can actually make your fast healthier.

Quinoa /amaranth and weight loss!!

Loaded with all the above mentioned nutrients this seed will surely help to regulate your weight.

How to include quinoa/amaranth in your diet?

  1. Make porridges sweet or salty.
  2. Make salads
  3. Use flour to make roti or chilla.
  4. Quinoa/amranth upma is excellent to taste.
  5. You can even add to your curd or milk in the puffed form.
  6. Sprout them to make it more nutritious.
  7. Even Quinoa pasta is available in the market.

So go and buy your packet of Quinoa or amaranth now. Don’t deprive yourself of this wonder food. (For people residing in India I suggest you should opt for amaranth as its local, cheaper and fresh).