why it is necessary to respect our elders?


Respect for elders. Why it is necessary?

Respect: respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievement.
Respecting someone or somebody is not a choice. We should respect everybody not only elders even so our younger further. Respect and karma have many similarities; you can’t deny what you did in your past karma deal with it wisely. Respect is like give and takes relation; give respect and you will get in return.’ Elders are those trees undbaeer their shed we can spend our life with glee’. Let’s talk about why we should respect our elders and why it is necessary?

It’s our moral duty

It is our moral duty to respect your elders without strings attached. It doesn’t cost you anything when you show respect towards elders whereas seeing the pleasure it gives them. In return, you also feel happy by giving them happiness in their lives. We should transmit this hesitance to our upcoming generation to fabricate their tomorrow.
We all are bound to see old age
It is very important that our young generation knows what aging is like, and we should be aware that aging is the harsh reality of life only lucky people reach that part of life. We should be caring towards them and must know that one day we would be old too. Hopefully, when we get old the others show some kindness and concern towards us.

They know the real meaning of life

‘When a plant becomes the tree. It has to face so many troubles in bbetween its journey. It has to fight with every hurdle which comes across in its way.it has to go through every chilling stormy night, every burning rays to light and tsunami of crying clouds in spite of all this it stays strong and accepts every challenge of life, no matter what comes next in its journey called life’. The elders are those plants who became tree forthwith; they have gained a lot of wisdom over the years. They have known what life really is.
Do it now is better than to regret it later

‘Our religion teaches us that what we give we receive it back someday’. Once they have gone they gone forever. You won’t get another chance. It’s better to realize now the importance of respecting your elders. Start spending time with them, talk to them, learn from them, listen to them what they want to share with you, listen to their struggle stories even if you are not interested, it will give them some happiness.’ One of the sincerest forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say’.

Treat peoples the way they deserve to be treated

“Albert Einstein said “ unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.
Older people deserve respect for the wisdom they possess. older people require much attention since old age is the second childhood. Hence, old age people often engage in childlike behavior –
• Insisting they are right
• Trying to make people behave the way they want
• Being insensitive to others perspective and opinion.
We have to treat them accordingly.


‘We should always respect the behaviour, not the authority’
After discussing ‘we should respect our elders and why it is necessary?’ I come out with this conclusion elders are one of us. They are not come from another planet or somewhere out from this globe. We can’t be young forever; we all have to go through with this aging phase in our life. Don’t mistake burden with responsibility. Old aged people are not burdened on you, they are the responsibility of yours. They are dependent on you because they can’t aid themselves promptly. You are not doing any favour on them by taking care of their requirements. They have done a lot for you in their entire life now it’s your time to pay them back. Don’t do anything half-heartedly, do it with full zeal. It will come back to you in kind of blessings and positively.