What to Eat Diet Before & After Exercise


Before & After Exercise Diet People going for workout often get confused about what to eat pre and post workout sessions. Sometimes they overeat and sometimes there is lack of nutrients and due to which body can response in different way. To avoid this one should follow strict diet regime while going for workout. Effective weight loss can only happen when diet and workout both go parallel without underestimating either of the two.

Pre Workout Diet :

It plays an indispensable role in after effects of workout. As pre workout diet prepares your body to get enough fuel for continuing your workout without any energy deficiency. The more intense workout the more calories are leaving our bodies. So don’t ever skip your pre workout meal or otherwise you can lose your muscle instead of losing your weight ultimately lowering down your metabolism.

Take carbs :

they are easy to digest and also keep up your energy levels. Skipping this can make you feel tired and weak. So go for:

  1. Fruits-banana, apple
  2. Vegetables-sweet potato, broccoli
  3. Cereals-oats
  4. Cornflakes

Keep Well Hydrated by :

So should drink at least two glasses of water. As during workout our body sweats too much so to avoid dehydration one should have enough fluids.

  1. Water can be taken with lime and honey
  2. Natural Fruit Juice like orange juice

Post Workout Diet

For snappy muscle recovery and that were drained of their glycogen levels post workout diet plays a major role. One can snack a little within 20 minutes of training and can have a full meal after an hour. Meal should include healthy proteins and complex carbohydrates. Firstly body should be given:

Sufficient amount of fluids as it loses salt and water due to sweating

Healthy protein: 

As proteins are not easy to digest so try to include lots of greens in overall diet. Can consume following sources of protein

  1. Milk, yogurt and smoothies by adding different seasonal fruits
  2. Eggs
  3. Nuts-walnuts, almond
  4. Beans-quinoa, chickpeas, steamed sprouts
  5. Fish & Tofu for non-vegetarians

Fiberin form of:

  1. Fruits shake, berries
  2. Greens leafy veggies
  3. Brown Rice

Don’t overestimate your workout and calories as then we tend to consume more calories than we have lost.

Guru ’s nutritionist Rachna Agarwal recommends that try to keep pre workout diet under 150 calories and post workout diet under 500 calories.

Weight loss program is a journey which requires lot of will power and patience and doing right things at right time. So taking friends along can make this journey a bit easy and interesting.