What Are the Best Ways to Stop Facial Hair Growth Naturally?


    It is possible in many cases to find a natural facial hair removal method that works well and is consistent. This list will give you some promising natural options that remove hair without the harshness of non-natural methods.

    1. Spearmint tea

    Drinking spearmint tea twice a day lowers the body’s androgen levels, helping reduce facial hair growth in women with hirsutism and Polycystic ovarian syndrome. This tea decreases testosterone levels and can be a good treatment for mild hirsutism. To make this tea, you only need to soak some spearmint in boiling water for a few minutes and strain it before drinking it.

    2. Sugar and lemon juice

    The method consists of applying a cooked mix of sugar, lemon juice, and water to the area that has unwanted hair and letting in it dry before washing it off. This should be done three times a week. The exfoliating qualities of sugar and the way it sticks to hair and not the skin when it’s warm make it so that the dried sugar will rip the hair off without damaging the skin. Lemon juice is added to the mix as it breaches any remaining hairs.

    3. Lemon orange or apricot honey scrub

    These two natural, fruit-based scrubs remove the hair on the treated zone by pulling them out without damaging the skin. To make the lemon orange scrub, you need to mix powdered orange and lemon peel, oatmeal, olive oil, and water to make a paste. If you prefer the honey apricot scrub, you’ll just need to powder dried apricots and mix them with some honey. You’ll need to rub either of them on your face for 5 minutes 3 times a week.

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    What Are Some Effective Artificial Methods of Unwanted Chin Hairs?

    Sometimes you need stronger, more aggressive methods than the natural ones offered above. If you’re looking into how to stop hair growth on your chin, here are some artificial, but effective methods that help treat this condition.

    1. Mechanical methods


    It is many people’s first choice for removing a few hairs on their chin. The safest way to pluck hair is to sterilize the tweezers with rubbing alcohol before starting. Make sure to stretch the skin around the area to get a grip of the hair near the root for minimal pain. This is no permanent solution, as hair will grow back after a few weeks, but it’s cheap and quick if you have just a few hairs. It is also to note that using tweezers may cause folliculitis, therefore, you should avoid friction and use a warm compress to reduce irritation, if any.


    Another classic method is shaving the hair off with a razor. Applying some sort of shaving cream is recommended as it will make the process smoother and help avoid irritation. Make sure to use a razor that’s sharp and proceed with caution as not to cut yourself. This is fast and effective, but it’ll only get rid of the hair for a few days before needing maintenance.


    This method is very popular in salons right now. It consists of removing facial hair by twisting a cotton thread around the hairs and pulling them out in rows. This procedure, like plucking hair, will last for a few weeks and is superior to waxing in that it doesn’t irritate the skin.

    Laser hair removal

    The method offers a permanent or semi-permanent solution to excessive hair growth, as it uses concentrated light to damage follicles, effectively stopping them from producing hair. The drawback of this treatment is that it takes multiple sessions, is expensive, and some may find it irritating or painful, but if you’re looking at how to reduce facial hair, this method is extremely effective.