Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes


    Getting a good night’s rest is important, but we’ve all had a stressful week or fun vacation that resulted in poor sleep and, even worse, poor health decisions. Oftentimes, our skin reflects our poor routines. 

    Dark under-eye circles are a clear indicator that you haven’t been getting enough rest. But according to the Mayo Clinic, allergies, unprotected exposure to the sun, aging, eczema, eye scratching and even good ol’ genetics can also cause those pesky dark spots. 

    If you’re tired of looking tired, consider these remedies to eliminate those under-eye circles. 

    Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil contains a high concentration of small-chain fatty acids. Those fatty acids can help reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation, two of the causes of dark under-eye circles. Before you head to bed, massage room-temperature, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil under each eye for 30 seconds. It could take a few weeks to see results. Bonus: Coconut oil is affordable and easy to find. 


    Other than being a tasty snack, cucumbers are also a perfect solution for dark circles. Cucumbers contain vitamin K, a fat-soluble that increases blood circulation and reduces clotting. Chilled slices placed on the eyes can get the blood pumping as well as erase any redness. 

    Cold milk

    Milk contains lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid. Alpha hydroxy acids act as an exfoliant when applied to the skin, smoothing wrinkles, cleansing pores and restoring the skin. Plenty of over-the-counter products contain lactic acid, making milk an affordable and efficient solution for dark circles. Soak two cotton balls in cold milk and place them under your eyes for a natural remedy. 


    Tomatoes contain lycopene, a pigment responsible for giving them the bright, red color we love seeing in supermarkets. Lycopene is also an antioxidant that reduces inflammation and stops blood from clotting. One study even concluded that lycopene helps protect against UV radiation, one of the causes of dark circles. Soak a few cotton balls in juice squeezed from a tomato and then gently dab the juice under your eyes, letting it sit before rinsing it off. 

    Tea bags

    Tea is packed with antioxidants that are beneficial for the entire body, dark under-eye circles included. Steep two tea bags in hot water and place them in the refrigerator until they are slightly chilled. Drain the bags of any excess water and place them over your eyes. 


    If you don’t have any cucumbers in your refrigerator, potatoes are a great substitute for treating under-eye circles. Potatoes contain vitamin C, an antioxidant known to treat cancer, the common cold and eye diseases. The antioxidants repair damaged skin cells and reduce the skin’s melanin production, one of the causes of dark spots. After peeling the skin off of the potato and thoroughly washing it, chop the potato into slices and place one over each eye. 

    Lemon juice

    Vitamin C and citric acid are natural skin brighteners, and lemon juice is packed with both. When combined with other ingredients like essential oils, tomato juice, cucumber juice or even applied on its own, lemon juice can reduce puffiness and inflammation around the eyes and brighten under-eye dark spots. Use cotton balls to apply the juice under each eye in the morning and before bed. But avoid getting too close to the eye because lemon juice can burn if direct contact is made. 

    Rose water

    Studies have proven that rose water is an anti-inflammatory product that soothes the skin, restores vibrancy and eliminates redness. When added to your daily and nightly beauty regimen, it can improve the skin and eliminate those under-eye circles. Rose water can be purchased at your local beauty store or made at home by boiling organic pink roses in water. Soak a few makeup cotton pads in rose water, place them directly on your closed eyelids and sit back and relax.