Here are reasons to use anjeer (fig) into your diet



anjeer figEating 2 soaked anjeer daily do miracles.

  • Protects against bronchitis.
  • Treats coronary heart disease.
  • Low in calories and helps in weight loss. 1 dried anjeer contains 4% iron 8% fiber.
  • Improves iron deficiency and anemia
  • Helps in removing hypertension.
  • Fights against cancer
  • Strengthening bones and helps in making them more flexible.
  • Maintains the cholesterol level
  • Contains antioxidants and thus helps in maintaining the body fitness.
  • Eating 1 soaked anjeer  regularly is  also good for diabetic patients.
  • 2 Soaked anjeer if eaten before sleep time, helps in good digestion.
  • Eating soaked anjeer empty stomach, is the best way to control acidity.