Tulip festival


Tulip festival

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Tulip festival comes about during the month of March and April. There are so many Tulip Festivals held around the world, most of all in North America. Tulip festival is a popular tourist attraction. Among all Tulip Festivals held in several cities around the universe, however, Amsterdam’s tulip festival which takes place in Keukenhof Garden is the best- known festival and garden in the World. Tulip Festivals generally celebrated in the cities with a Dutch culture -like New York, Albany; Ottawa, Ontario, and in some other parts of a universe like Australia, India and England. The Tulips are considered as a welcome omen of spring.


In Canada the tulip festival held in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It claims to be the world’s largest Tulip festival, exhibiting over millions of Tulips and around 650,000 visitors showed up from all over the world annually to attend Canadian Tulip Festival. The largest ceremony of tulips created in Commissioners Park on the shoreline of Dow’s Lake, along with these large demonstrations of tulips is presented throughout the city.





Amsterdam Tulip Festival in the Netherlands