Things to notice before buying ganesha for diwali celebration



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Diwali is the festival of lights, celebrated with grandeur and parties but let’s not forget what it is truly about. Dig beneath the facade of sparklers and sweets and you’ll find the true meaning of Diwali deep within. It is one of great religious significance with good winning over evil and light over darkness. Beyond the glitz of Diwali, the worship is the most important aspect of the festival and definitely mustn’t be forgotten in the midst of the bustle. That’s why prayers and rituals play a very important part of the festive week and are revered with great sanctity.

As part of the puja, idols or murtis find a prime place. Not only are they given a centre seat in puja rooms, they also add a touch of prayerful ambiance to a house. Idols of Goddess Laxmi and Ganesha are often spotted in homes which add a certain reverence to a room. Such murtis of Gods and Goddesses aren’t only a wonderful addition for Diwali, they are also a thoughtful gifting option which will be treasured greatly.


  • Pick the right material. Make a note of the material used to make the idol. According to Vastu, each has its own significance so pick from silver, wood, copper, clay or brass for its benefits like success, prosperity and joy.
  • Choose from the characteristics. Ganesha is worshiped in various forms from the young Bala Ganesha to commanding Vira Ganesha to dancing Nritya Ganesha. Make your choice based on the traits of each of his forms.
  • Think of the person. Especially if you’re gifting an idol for Diwali, keep the personality of the individual in mind and what you’d like your idol to symbolise for their home for it to be truly cherished.