Things Guru Wants you to Avoid in 2018


There are certain things that we regularly eat which can harm you in an alarming rate ; but it’s you who decide what to eat and what not.

  •  Sugar

Consuming excessive sugar is bad for your health as it contains lots of calories and no nutrient which can also cause tooth decay. A person who consumes sugar and is inactive leads the sugar in their body to convert into fat. Sugar doesn’t provide satiety to brain which leads you to eat more therefore making you gain weight rather than weight loss.

Substitute your sugar with jaggery or stevia

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  • Processed food

Processed foods generally re remove with necessary nutrients and fiber .They require less energy and time to digest thereby body retains more calories. They have high trans fat and sugar that disables you to lose weight.

Substitute your processed food with natural foods.

  • Sweet Beverage/Carbonated Beverages

Consuming sweet and carbonated beverages can lead you to dehydration. These are rich in sugar content and can make you gain weight. They are harmful for your dental health. That can be a main cause of not losing any weight.

Substitute your sweet and carbonated drink with coconut water, fruit smoothie (made only with curd and 1 fruit without added any sugar) and lemon water.

  • Diet snacks/Low fat snacks

Almost all snacks with the name diet snacks or low fat snacks contain sugar and contains processed and unhealthy fats .They are usually low in fiber content and may cause excessive hunger leading you to over eating and not causing any weight loss.

Substitute your diet snacks or low fat snacks with bhuna chana, puffed rice, fruit smoothie, baked potato, grilled corn and etc.

  • Refined Food

Refined food generally have an increased sugar content, they also are very low on fiber content and are refined with all the nutrients. Consuming them can disturb your blood sugar level which can lead to hunger and cravings that can work against your weight loss.

Substitute your white flour with whole grain flour, white bread with whole grain bread(it is best to avoid bread if possible), Refined oil with olive oil , homemade ghee and mustard oil, frozen yogurt with fruit smoothie.

  • One carb at a time

Some people consume rice and roti at the same time which is an unhealthy option. The reason behind this is rice and roti when consumed together disturbs your digestion and thereby disturbing your weight loss

Substitute for including rice and roti in your diet by planning them in separate meals.

  • Late meals

People usually have meals at later time when it is needed by the body. The ideal time for breakfast is within two hours of waking up, the ideal time for lunch is between 12pm and 2pm, the ideal time for dinner is between 7pm and 8pm. Having late meals can cause digestion issues leading you to constipation hence affecting your weight loss.

Substitute if you have late dinner is by having light dinner like porridge, muesli, soup and etc.

  • Skipping meals

Most people tend to skip a meal a day; the most commons are breakfast and dinner. It is a myth that you will lose weight if you skip your dinner. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it is very necessary to be consumed. Skipping meals give your health ill effects as it lowers your Body Mass Ratio hence restricting your weight loss.

Substitute to skipping meals is planning your meals in such a way that you are not able to skip them.

  • Conclusion

Guru suggests if your new year resolution is stay healthy you should avoid having excess of sugar, processed food, sweet or carbonated drinks, diet or low fat snacks, refined foods, do not take more than one carb that is either take as rice or roti in one meal, late meals are not good for the body, skipping meals can make your BMR low. So be healthy and fit with the help of Guru.