Spot Reduction: Reality or Myth


Spot reduction refers to downsizing the targeted fat in particular body part whether it is through particular exercise or device. Like for example most people just concentrate on how to reduce belly fat. As nowadays many advancement are taking place in field of technology many advertisers profess that for achieving Spot Reduction people should opt for devices which electrically stimulate muscles of that body part and ultimately reduce the fat from that section.

It may sound very genuine for the people trying to lose their abdominal fat but that’s simply a misconception.

Let’s know why??

Let’s take belly fat for example as nowadays everybody is conscious about. They do crunches, push-ups and many abdominal exercises. Moreover many promotional strategies are targeting people by giving special belly-fat reducing pack, thigh- reducing pack. But it’s just a publicity gimmick.

The Truth is:

While performing spot reducing exercise we might feel that we have reduced a certain amount of fat from that particular area but actually this happens because the muscles of that part tends to grow and strengthen. When we exercise for particular body part then we lose fat not only from that particular area but all over the body. Because the whole body uses its energy for that movement.

Different fat losing ability

Moreover people with different body types lose weight differently while doing same body training. Like some people have tendency to easily lose weight from thighs than abdominal fat and vice versa. It depends upon the genetics and so it differentiate from individual to individual of how they gain and lose weight. Some people by simply walking lose their belly fat because they lose fat overall.

Take Home Message

The take home message is that when we target one body part then we lose fat from that part because the overall fat from the body is reduced.

If we want to lose weight than we should go for whole body exercise so that our metabolism increases and the whole body uses its energy to lose weight overall. High intensity exercise can speed up the process of weight loss from that particular area as it will speed up our metabolism and burn more calories.

Moreover diet plays an indispensable role in toning your body as u might have heard that ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’. So a mindful and timely consuming a healthy diet is very important.

As Excess abdominal fat is a warning sign for many diseases like Diabetes and heart diseases. Moreover excess body fat is embarrassing.

So for Spot Reduction:

  • First focus on Diet: have more proteins and greens
  • Secondly focus on whole body exercise: then only the overall fat will be reduced.


So a combination of diet and exercise would work tremendously for toning your body and getting back into shape.