Why Skipping Lunch for Partying at Night?


Why Skipping Lunch for Partying at Night? – Excited for partying at night and you think skipping lunch is a good idea? Well absolutely not. While partying having junk is common. So when we plan to go in the party we think that skipping lunch might decrease the calorie intake as we are going to eat more and junk in the party. So to avoid extra calories of the day we tend to skip lunch. But actually it is bad for health.

Skipping Lunch is Bad because:

  • Hunger Pangs: we feel hunger pangs and might not able to concentrate on work
  • Metabolism Changes: as when we skip lunch and eat huge dinner late night i.e. after 8 pm then delayed insulin response to increased fasting glucose can result in unhealthy metabolic changes
  • Weight Gain: as we skip lunch we are hungrier for the dinner outing & eat more than we normally do which results in weight gain.
  • Risk of Diabetes: According to studies if people are skipping meals but are not reducing their calorie intake then there is increased risk of Diabetes.
  • Improper Digestion: we generally tend to sleep after eating late night this can result in improper digestion.
  • Stress: while skipping lunch we feel stressed out due to starvation
  • Overeating during Partying: when we are hungry then we consume more than our diet due to the stress of starvation
  • Imbalanced Diet: While eating after skipping lunch we tend to fail going for balanced diet and we move towards more fattening foods.

Eating tips while Partying?

Partying is not bad at all. It’s just we need to stick to our diet and follow some tips:

  • Avoid skipping lunch altogether: you can opt for light lunch options like a vegetable soup or salad etc.
  • Take balanced Diet: before and after party. Should focus not only on junk food
  • Try having Green tea after party: having green tea after party and before going to bed can help eliminate waste from your body and improves digestion system
  • Try to eat timely: so that your digestion system don’t suffer. Should eat slowly and steadily and just not hog on food
  • Choose healthy options: Go on a round for food items and opt for healthy foods
  • Choose Mindfully: Don’t take huge quantity of any food item instead fill your plate with small quantity of every food
  • Eat what you don’t generally don’t cook at home

So don’t avoid parties but avoid fattening foods.