How to Lose Weight Without Skipping Dinner ?


skipping dinnerWant to lose weight by skipping dinner is not a good idea. As skipping meals can make your body deprived of essential nutrients required by your body. Then as a result you may feel dizzy, laziness in doing work, body pains and craving etc. many of us count food as calories but food actually acts as a fuel for our body needed for proper functioning and doing daily tasks. It makes us happy and alive.

Disadvantages of skipping dinner:

  • More time gap between meals: a huge time gap between last meal of the day and first meal of day can make you feel sick, anemic, lethargic, acidity, knockout, starvation, difficulty in sleeping
  • Increased Temptation for Sweet: skipping meal can actually increase the temptation of having something sweet as it immediately boost our energy levels but also results in increased weight
  • Deficiency of nutrients: skipping meals can make your body sick by depriving it from various essential nutrients and carbohydrates
  • Invitation to many diseases: skipping meals for a long my increase the risk of some chronic diseases like diabetes type 2, blood pressure problems and imbalanced insulin levels, according to Harvard School of Public Health.
  • Less physical activity: we can burn fat more easily by doing physical workout but because we have skipped meal at night we don’t feel like exercising and as a result our body’s metabolism
  • Unable to fulfill daily responsibilities and duties: low blood sugar as a result of skipped meal become an obstacle in completing daily duties and responsibilities and you are not able to deliver at workplace also
  • Chronic Body Pains: daily headaches, back pain, fatigue etc. become the part of our lifestyle.

How to lose calories by Eating Dinner

  • Eat in smaller proportion: dinner should be consumed in smaller quantities as compared to other meals like breakfast and dinner. But it should never be skipped
  • Eat at right time: to avoid fat one should eat before 8 so that our food gets digested easily before going to bed
  • Eat light: should eat light meals at night like vegetables, oats, one good fat like olive oil or avocado oil
  • Can go for a light walk: a slow walk after having dinner can aid in digestion
  • One should avoid high fats at night: as they don’t get digested easily resulting in weight gain

Don’t forget that food is very important for our body. We are alive because we eat food. One should opt for healthier option while choosing food so that the body get all the nutrients.

Don’t forget the saying that one should have Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a beggar.