Simplest Meal Plans To Lose Weight and Get Refreshed


Knowing your body and schedule

Guru is for healthy eating. At Guru we want to strongly stand against any kind of such misguiding or weight loss malpractices. We work on making a healthier you with weight loss coming as a side effect.

When a client joins us we first ask them to give us the detail information regarding their health, ailments, habits, likes and dislikes. Our team of experts consisting of doctors, nutritionist, and motivational speakers thoroughly examines the information provided by the client.

How do we plan your diet?

Before we start planning the diets we evaluate the main reason why the person gained weight in the past. If the reason is due to a medical condition we work on treating it first. Keeping all the likes and dislikes and their present routine in mind we plan their diet. We make sure the diet provided is career friendly and is easy to follow at work.

What is our diet about?

The diet planning is done in such a way that no food group is completely eliminated. Special care is taken to provide all the macro as well as micro nutrients. Our clients are never kept starving for food and in fact we even allow them to cheat once in a week.

Every week a new diet is provided with a different theme. The reason behind different diet chart is to make sure that your body gets all health food as well as you get a different kind of foods every week to escape boredom.

The best part is we promote eating spices of different kinds according to your taste buds.

Services you get from Guru

Simplest of diet chart from Guru that changes every week.

Under it you will get for the sake of your good health we split food slots

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Evening snack
  • Health drink
  • 3 Fruit servings between main meals
  • One day detox diet to be followed once a week

We do not encourage skipping meals other than skipping evening snack.

Key Attractions

  1. We do not provide crash diet or fad diets or starvation.
  2. Say no to boring diet food.
  3. We provide water reminders to fulfill water goal of the day.
  4. We provide recipe videos to ease out your work.
  5. We set your weight loss goals per day.
  6. We provide checklist to have a check on your diet.
  7. Our recipes are family friendly.
  8. We focus on locally and seasonally available ingredient and not the exotic ones.
  9. We make sure that you stay motivated throughout the journey of weight loss.
  10. We respect your outings and make sure you do not miss your diet by providing eating out suggestions.

Benefit of following our diet plans

  1. No Starvation and restriction – We promote balanced diet through healthy eating, and healthy eating is do not promote starvation. So Guru is a good go to point for food lovers.
  2. Body nutrition enhancement- Our diet charts changes every week, we make sure to induce healthy nutrition in your body through healthy eating.
  3. Healthy eating habits- Since Guru is all about healthy eating you will inherit healthy eating habits in your lifestyle and also transferring those in your off springs through genes.
  4. Healthy and stable weight loss – We promote healthy weight loss that won’t harm your body through depletion of nutrition and starving. So the weight you lose with us won’t bounce back if you eat healthy.
  5. Bye bye lethargy-Eating healthy will boost your metabolism which makes you feel more energetic which increases your concentration.
  6. Glowing skin – The type of diet we give is all naturally based ingredients that bring out the inner glow in you that reflects in your skin.
  7. Healing of health issues – Since we personalize your diet plan according to your medical condition (even the smallest of all is important to us for example hair fall). We try to improve those medical ailments and deficiency through our diet that can be cured through healthy eating
  8. Fulfillment of cravings through healthy options – We respect your cravings and fulfill your cravings through healthy options. Even if you have a sweet tooth we give healthy sweet options to curb your craving
  9. Understanding your queries and opinions – We totally accept your queries and opinions and plan your diet according to your opinions and answer all your queries timely.
  10. Save time and energy – Since Guru is an online organization one would save a lot of time and energy as we communicate through phone calls, WhatsApp or email that is difficult to invest if you are working. We respect the importance of your time.