Simple Changes in Daily Diet to Lose Weight


Making Simple Changes in Daily Diet

changes in dietcan be an effective method to lose weight. Often people follow a common misbelief that decreasing calorie intake is the only solution to weight loss. Though calorie restriction can help to boost weight loss it cannot be the only tool. Making small effective correction like including any food group or reducing some high glycemic foods can do wonders. Here are listed some changes that we can make to our diet to lose weight.

  • Include vitamin C– it helps to boost immunity and metabolic rate of our body. This automatically help our body to burn more calories.
  • Increase fiber intake -consuming 5-6 serving of seasonal fruits and vegetables daily ads up to the daily fiber intake. This promotes good bowel movement and prevents constipation which can be the root cause of obesity.
  • Increase water intake-drinking fluids equal to 5 % of your body weight helps to detox your body of toxins and reduces water retention
  • Eat foods low on glycemic load or index – Refined carbs and sugars spike the insulin levels of blood. High insulin levels prevent fat burn and make weight loss difficult.
  • Skip gluten and dairy– if no diet is helping you lose weight try skipping gluten from wheat and dairy products as they are the most common irritants. If elimination shows a remarkable change then continue with it.
  • Include seeds and nuts-they are loaded with minerals and healthy fats. Including all nutrients improves the digestion of the food we eat.
  • Include at least three colored vegetables in your diet -the colored compound present in fruits and vegetables is called phytochemicals. These phytochemicals are powerful antioxidants which prevents oxidation and release of the free radical.
  • Go salt free– going salt free once a week or once a day helps to reduce salt intake which prevents water retention.
  • Eat clockwise– making a small simple change of just eating timely meals can show magical results. Food eaten on the right time gets digested easily and prevents weight gain.
  • Chew !chew !chew!– chew your way to weight loss! Many studies have proven that by simply chewing your food well can help you to lose weight. When we chew our food, we tend to eat slowly and may be in less it takes 20 minutes for our body to signal the feeling of fullness, chewing our food prevents over eating.
  • Stock your home with healthy options– we eat what we have. So make sure not to shop for unhealthy snacks and stock your kitchen with fruits,nuts and vegetables
  • Spice up your meal-including spices in your cooking like cloves, cinnamon, cumin, pepper , cardamom helps to increase the secretion of digestive juices. Digestive juices help to digest food quicker and prevent fat accumulation.
  • Explore your cooking skills– cooking your own meals could save you from eating unhealthy hidden fats and salts. Often servants add extra fats while cooking as it makes cooking easier.
  • Eat simple meals– eating a variety of foods, even if they are low in calorie means eating extra calories. Simple meals are digested faster.

If you want weight loss at home simple changes in daily diet to lose weight easily.