Few tips which help you to become a better person
1. Learn to forgive but never forget
2. Focus on positives rather than negatives
3. Stop crying over spilled milk
4. Drink lots of waterLIFE
5. Eat healthy food
6. Always respect your elders
7. Learn to say no
8. Don’t beg people to stay
9. Don’t trust those who don’t know the meaning of reciprocation
10. Follow your passion your dreams ultimately starts following you
11. Stay away from controversy
12. Never back bite anybody
13. Try to improve yourself by learning from your mistakes
14. Only apologize when you really meant it
15. Never repeat the same mistake twice
16. Don’t make excuses
17. Do things which make you and your parents proud
18. Make your day productive
19. Learn the importance of time

20.understand the difference between need and want

These are few tips which help you in improving yourself in this journey called life.

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