Rose Day 2019: Types of Roses and Their Meanings


Rose Day 2019: Types of Roses and Their Meanings

Happy Rose Day 2019: Valentine’s Week begins with Rose Day, which falls in the month of February on its 7th day. There are different kinds of roses and each rose has different meaning and sentiment. So, take a look and understand its meaning before you pick your bunch.



It is the time of the year when sensing the fragrance of love in the air and people around the sphere are busy in making plans for the occasion of love; valentine’s day. While many maintain that they don’t need one special day to celebrate their love, care, and respect towards their loved once, people, though, look forward to spending time with their loved ones and friends around valentines week.

Red rose 

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The red rose signifies an expression of love. Red rose to convey longing and desire. So, if you are in love with someone, give a red rose, with fingers crossed that your message reaches them.

White rose

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The white rose stands for innocence, chastity and purity. White colour roses are most used in two situations- wedding and beautiful as white roses seem like, you probably might want to avoid gifting them around this time.


Yellow rose

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The yellow rose is an expression of friendship and exuberance. Give this to a friend to spark up her day; however, you have to be careful while gifting yellow roses, since yellow roses stand for infidelity.

Pink rose

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Pink stands for grace, admiration, joy and gratitude. In case you are you are planning to celebrate Valentine’s in an unconventional way, you could gift pink roses to your friends, family or anybody whom you look up to in your life.

Orange rose

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The orange rose represents fierce emotion. If you feel an intense desire for someone then you should go with an orange rose to go with a red one to convey a strong message. This signify passion and energy.

Lavender rose

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This is rare, the lavender rose conveys enchantment. Moreover, it means “love at first sight”. You can gift this to someone like your crush, or somebody who look attractive to you.


Peach rose

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Peach rose signifies modesty. If you want to appreciate someone for their beauty and modesty, then opt peach rose. These roses subtly symbolize the first blush of love.