Party Harder Healthy Way to Weight Loss


Party, a gathering of lots of people for socializing & fultoo fun & masti. Party is a break from a routine lifestyle and is directed towards breaking some rules and forgetting all your blues. In short party makes us feel in a paradise.

While party sometimes acts as a catalyst to health as it releases positive hormones in body but for that you must need to follow some rules.

Reasons for party
While there are infinite reasons for party but its important to realize that why the party is happening so that you can enjoy it to the fullest and feel motivated in life. Party itself is a positive word which pumps you for excitement and feeling energetic.whatever is the reason but the main motive of every party is to elate your mood from machine like routine life which results in getting motivated towards success.

What to eat before going to party
According to Guru to minimize the after effects of party you need to act smartly and you won’t wake up half-dead.

  • Have green tea during the day
  • Get loaded with some fats which reduce the intensity of your blood absorbing alcohol
  • Get filled by some liver-friendly foods like avocado,broccoli,beetroot,lemon & cinnamon
  • Avoid going empty stomach to party

Guru also advices what to eat with alcohol:

  • Almonds, Pista healthiest food and rich in vitamins helps to not getting you drunk
  • Hummus helps in increasing the level of Vit B which depletes while having alcohol
  • Cheese, yes it prevents from getting hangover no matter how much you drink. So say cheeeeese…
  • Fruits rich in minerals and vitamins helps maintaining the body fluids and therefore prevent hangover
  • Eggs being a source of cysteine & amino acid help breaking down the toxins in alcohol.

Be tactful in saying NO

To avoid having loaded with extra calories you should be tactful in saying no. Nobody remembers that you said NO at party so be guilt-free while saying NO. Say NO:

  • To respect your sanity
  • For the sake of your wallet
  • For time wastage
  • For getting loaded with extra calories

How to handle party with alcohol for weight loss

party harder

Guru advices combining moderate alcohol consumption with a healthy diet can be a great way to enjoy food and drink while maintaining a healthy weight. Make sure your diet is nutritious and your drinks aren’tcontributing excess calories.

  • When drinking alcohol, try to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks such as water or soda water
  • If having a glass of wine, don’t fill it to the top. One standard glass of wine equals 100mL (less than half a cup)
  • Avoid snacking on foods high in salt. Not only is too much salt unhealthy, but it also promotes the desire of having next drink.
  • Avoid pre-mixed drinks with added sugars. These are very high in both calories and sugars
  • Avoid mixing alcohol with energy drinks. The caffeine reduces your ability to manage alcohol intake
  • Have some coconut water or lemon water before bed.

While coming to food just have a round and select those food items which seems healthy and filling and which you don’t have normally at home. You should always choose smaller plate to eat, the reason behind that while you serve the food in proportion of the plate size. Your plate looks fuller and you don’t need to over serve and you consume 92% less than serving onto larger plates. This will avoid your temptation of eating more than your appetite.


Nausea, palpitating head, and fatigue- a hangover can be pretty jarring. You can reduce this by having plenty of fluids and soothing herb tea like green tea to flush out all the toxins from your system.

Don’t be guilty

Best time become best memories so stop feeling guilty about loading some extra calories last night instead cherish the wonderful things happened at party. So start again your day with balanced and nutritious diet without skipping any meal in lieu that you had unwanted calories.

So sometimes hangovers are also good and don’t forget to PARTY HARD