Not So Healthy Bran


Bran is not Healthy for Weight Loss – Bran bread, bran roti bran biscuit and even bran Rusk! Everyone is eating bran like crazy to lose weight. But have you ever wondered why this wonder weight loss food was never eaten before. A few years ago whole wheat was milled and the bran was sieved out and fed to the cattle in the house. Now a day people are just eating the bran hoping they will lose weight.

Five reasons to avoid bran:

  1. Bran is very rich in gluten and can lead to gluten allergies. Common symptoms are skin rashes, lose motions, acne and stomach ache.
  2. Constipation- though bran is advised to cure constipation, if not accompanied with enough water it can lead to severe constipation.
  3. Eating a high fiber supplement like bran regularly could damage the natural functioning of the intestines.
  4. It hinders with the absorption of all the other nutrients leaving you malnourished despite of eating all the nutrients.
  5. Can cause stomach discomfort & flatulence.
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