Milk Myths ! Weight Loss and MILK


How Does Milk Diets Help You Weight Loss??

Milk Myths ! Weight Loss and MILK – Milk as said a complete food is produced by mammary glands of mammals. It is a basic source of nutrition to infants. Milk contains fat,protein,calcium,energy,water,vitamins and minerals and some organic enzymes. So now you know that why our parents used to run behind us for having milk.

Milk Helth benifit

Milk is given to children in their growing years as it is a rich source of calcium so it helps in building bones.

Cow’s milk contains fat & cholesterol so is not given to infants under 2 years as they are unable to digest it. So they depend on mother’s milk for their essential nutrients.

If your child is not lactose-intolerant or allergic to dairy products then milk is a one-stop source
of nutrients. Children love to have dairy products more than any other food and they can get calcium from other dairy products also like butter,milk powder, cheese,ice cream,butter milk,yogurt,sour cream, and desserts and dips made from dairy products.

While people who are lactose-intolerant they can get their daily calcium requirement from:

  • White beans
  • Methi
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Amaranth leafs
  • Dried figs
  • Almonds
  • Oranges
  • Sesame seeds
  • Oatmeal
  • Tofu
  • Soymilk
  • Seaweed

Adulteration in MILK

Adulteration in food is a common practice nowadays. Milk is an easy source of adulteration as one cannot detect its quality by just having a look. Some of the common examples of adulterant are water,urea,starch,detergent,synthetic milk,vanaspati or margarine etc.

Getting pure milk is now a dream as cows are given food grown from inorganic and nitrogen fertilizers. Due to which cows suffers from infertility and poor health problems and we get ammonia mixed milk injurious to our health.

So taking precaution consumers should buy milk from branded companies. While buying milk consumer should have a look on date and time of packaging and information about the branded firm to avoid any inconvenience. Moreover milk should be boiled on slow flame to its boiling point.

Weightloss and MILK

People  following diet and are trying to lose weight surprisingly skip milk and dairy products as they think it can be fattening.Actually a glass of skimmed milk which contains 0.6g fat and only 190 calories which is less than even a small chocolate bar  can fulfill the daily requirement of calcium.

People who ditch dairy products are actually missing out bone-building calcium.They also miss out a potential fat fighter. Researchers at Purdue University in Indiana found that a normal weight woman lost 6lb weight in two years by having semi-skimmed milk.

Low Fat VS Full FatMILK For Weight Loss

Fat reduced from cow’s milk that contains less that 0.15% fat is skimmed milk while normal full cream milk contains 3.8% fat. Skimmed milk or low fat milk is higher in calcium and protein than its counterpart.

Full fat milk is less processed cow’s milk which contains higher fats and saturated fats and is also blamed for heart diseases in adults. So full fat milk is best for children and for the people who are very active physically. While people who are calorie counters and are trying to reduce weight should prefer low fat milk.

Best time to have MILK

Good news for people who are trying to lose weight by not skipping milk. According to Guru :

  • Having a little warm low fat milk at night could help reduce weight as it works wonders for digestive system.
  • People suffering from insomnia then taking warm milk with honey might prove to be a boon. Milk contains amino acid tryptophan which stimulates the sleep hormone level in the body.
  • Milk is the best source of calcium if we drink at night as our bones can optimally absorb calcium and be stronger.

So go ahead and treat yourself with dairy products but make sure you just stick to low fat version. Wish you a happy milky night…

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