Is Fat Free Really Trouble Free??


What is fat free diets Plans for Weight Loss?

fat free

We fail to understand the whole misconception of going fat free for health and weight loss. Starving yourself with tasteless smoothies and boiled porridge will never lead you to fat burn. According to all the health organizations we need to include 20-25 % calories from our daily diet from fat.  Apart from providing taste and satiety value fats play a very important role in our nutritional status.

Why fats are important for health?

  • Poor functioning of the brain– our brain largely made up of fat functions in co-ordination with various hormones. A diet deficit in fats will prevent normal synthesis of fat based body fluids and disturb the normal functioning of our body. Extremely low levels of cholesterol can even lead to depression.
  • Prevents binging-zero fat diets have no satiety value and keeps us starving for food. When extremely hungry the brain is not able to make smart choices and we often binge on sugar loaded junk foods.
  • Hormonal imbalance-eating enough healthy fats for proper synthesis of hormones are most important. Many researches reveal that low fat diets could be the reason for high rates of infertility in women.
  • Helps in absorption of fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K – all these vitamins play a very important role in the neurological health of our body. A diet deficit in fat is deficit in these vitamins as they are not absorbed in a zero fat diet.
  • Builds immunity– as fats improve the synthesis of body fluids it gives strength and builds our immunity.
  • Prevents constipation-eating fats keeps our digestive tract well lubricated and helps to relieve from constipation.

Here is a list of health foods if eaten fat free are of no use rather harmful.

  • Roti without ghee– wheat is the most popular grain eaten in India specially north India. It is rich in a protein called gluten. This gluten is digested only in combination with ghee. So eating wheat rotis without ghee will not be digested in our body and will on the contrary lead to weight gain. So grill your roti and apply raw ghee and serve hot.
  • Fat free Green smoothies-the latest fad with the new age dieters is drinking raw vegetable smoothies. Most of the green vegetables are a good source of vitamin K and A. Both these vitamins are fat soluble vitamins. So if you are eating your vegetables completely fat free you are losing on to the absorption of these nutrients. So cook your greens in healthy fats and utilize the health benefits of it.
  • All millets– as per Ayurveda eating millets like jowar, bajra, raggi without fats can cause acidity, bloating, intestinal discomfort and even constipation. So include these healthy power houses in your diet but in the correct way. Try and follow traditional recipes.

Foods that can be eaten fat free

  • Fruits– being rich source of water soluble vitamin C and minerals we don’t need add any source of fat. So eat your fruits fresh without any processing.
  • Eggs,fish,sea food, meat, chicken,mutton– all are loaded with fats naturally. Need not add any other source of fat for cooking. These foods are best eaten grilled, steamed or boiled.
  • Nuts and seeds– best eaten raw. Soak them in summers. Avoid frying them.


Why eating fats is important in winter?

  • Control our hunger pangs-with the onset of winters up goes our BMR. This increases our appetite. Including raw fats like ghee and white butter in diet keeps our appetite calm and satisfied.
  • Keeps our skin soft– eating the apt amount of fats in diet keeps our skin soft.
  • Improves digestibility– as the seasonal winter foods tends to instigate acidity. Combining it with ghee neutralizes its acidic effects.

Eating too little fats can actually harm your health and hinder your weight loss plans. But eat healthy fats in limited amounts. We are definitely not promoting or advising to eat any types of fried foods or artificial trans fats.

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