I Travel a Lot so What Should I Eat


How to Eat Healthy While Traveling?? – If you travel a lot and conscious about your diet then don’t let travelling interfere with your diet. While travelling you need to do mindful eating and control your cravings for fast food. A must read Diet tips:

  1. Always eat that food which gets digested easily and just don’t let you feel bloated or hungry
  2. It’s always better while travelling keep tetra packs of buttermilk. As it will keep you hydrated and best for digestion
  3. Pack a little different boxes full of nuts, fruits and salads
  4. Quick and small portion food will save you from boredom and temptationto eat junk
  5. Don’t forget to have water in frequent intervals
  6. If you are driving and can’t eat in frequent intervals then fill your stomach with proper amount of protein like eggs
  7. Always carry mom’s love in form of methi parantha roll or thepla
  8. For munching while travelling u can pack popcorns or roasted makhane, peanuts etc.
  9. Vegetable sandwich is also a good choice
  10. Avoid Crappy foods like sodas, fried foods, pakoras or artificial juices, refined flour snacks and instead carry dry homemade snacks packed in airtight containers which last long But if you can’t avoid outside snacks while travelling then Guru  is suggesting some healthier foodstuff:
    • Like Dhokla, Idli and Dosa are some filling and less oily food options and also they are easy to digest
    • To satisfy your spicy tongue you can opt for Sweet potato (Shakargaandi) Chaat which is baked and also nutritious
    • If you are a Subway lover then going for Subway salad which would be healthier one
    • Can also go for paneer tikka but with less oil which is full of calcium
    • For Drinks go for Soy Milk, buttermilk, less sugary lassi and fresh juice

Finally the take home message is always eat nutritious food and don’t divert towards fast and junk food Try to choose healthier options for snacking which are nutritious and  same time satisfy your taste buds.