How To Wear Foundation With Dry Skin, So Your Face Looks Smooth & Flawless


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    Dry, flaky skin can be a serious pain, and wearing foundation can only make it worse. Luckily, learning how to wear foundation with dry skin isn’t rocket science and it doesn’t require turning your skin into a sticky mess either.

    Whether you’re naturally dry or the weather has your skin craving moisture, it’s important to note that applying foundation without fixing the problem at hand will old make things worse. Focus on taking care of your skin and then choosing the best products for your skin type.

    Here are 5 essential tips for wearing foundation with dry skin.

    1. Exfoliate

    The skin most prone to dryness is around your nose and in the crease of your chin (thanks, hormones). It’s important to gently remove the dry flakes of skin in these areas every night. You can keep it simple and use a washcloth or use an exfoliating tool to remove the layer of dead skin.

    2. Moisturize

    A foundation, no matter how dexy, isn’t meant to act as your moisturizer. You should always hydrate your skin before you apply foundation, but be careful about the lotions you choose. Petroleum-based products will only sit on top of your skin without being absorbed, leaving you looking greasy.

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    3. Choose foundation with a dewy finish

    Of course, you want to stay away from the drying matte formulas. Even “normal” foundations can dry out your skin, especially waterproof and “oil-control” foundations. Choose something with “dewy,” “luminous” or “aqua” in the name and you’ll have something more forgiving for dry skin.

    4. Use cream products

    Powders absorb moisture and can make dry skin look even drier. To avoid flakiness, use as many cream products as you can and stay away from powder and cream-to-powder products. It’s best to blend cream products with a beauty sponge for a natural finish.

    5. Use tools, not your fingers, to apply

    This is a pretty good beauty rule in general, but especially for dry skin. Applying foundation or concealers with your fingers is tricky because your skin will absorb the product. When your skin is really dry, it can be more challenging to get an even and smooth finish with fingers. Press instead of swiping product on, using a sponge or brush.