How to Prevent Bloating after Eating


How to Prevent Bloating after Eating & Solutions

– How often have you experienced a tight and bloated belly? Though nobody likes to experience it but I guess we all are familiar with it.


Why does bloating of the abdomen occur?

anti bloating foodUsually undigested or over fermented foods release gasses which causes our stomach to bloat.  Some people have the habit of chewing food too fast and gulp a lot of air with food. If this air gets trapped in our stomach and does not find its way out in the form of burps or farts, it can cause a lot of discomfort. In some rare cases patients have to be hospitalized due to excessive bloating as they are not even able to breathe. Women often are not able to wear their favorite dress as it just does not fit well on the stomach.

To prevent such odd situations it is best to take preventive measures in our dietary habits on a daily basis.



  • Chew your food well- saliva our first enzyme activates other digestive juices. If we intake enough saliva in food, it helps the food eaten to be digested well and prevents fermentation.
  • Don’t eat and speak at the same time- very important for kids as we gulp down a lot of air which gets trapped in our stomach.
  • Don’t skip meals nor eat too often. Both overload the digestive tract and disturb the normal secretion of digestive juices.
  • Check the fibre- eating too much fibre can be very difficult to digest specially people suffering from Colitis or IBS. Eating too much fibre can be very harsh to the digestive tract.
  • Beat the stress- eating meals in a rush, under stress or when too anxious leads to undigested foods.
  • Avoid fried and spicy foods-especially if you are prone to acidity or gastric troubles.
  • Avoid water with meals-drinking water with meals dilutes the gastric juices and hinders digestion.
  • If feasting on to traditional festive foods like puris do not skip the pickle. The spices in the pickel will help to digest the heavy food.
  • Don’t gulp down fluids…just sip them.
  • Don’t combine fruits with meals- one should avoid eating raw and sweet foods with meals as it leads to fermentation rather than digestion of food.

Though preventing bloating is easier than trying to cure it! Here are some tips to get relief from the discomfort of bloating.

  • Chew 1 tsp of sauf or fennel seeds.
  • Suck on to a piece of ginger or drink a hot cup of water with a slice of ginger.
  • Sip on to cup of hot water with a hibiscus flower.
  • A homemade natural pan could do wonders as beetle leaf along with natural katta and gulkand is very good to boost up digestion of food.
  • Go salt free for a day as it will reduce inflammation.
  • Eat only easily digestible meals like vegetable khichri.
  • Skip the common allergic foods like dairy, gluten or soya.
  • Don’t try and hold back trapped gas being released in the form of burps or farts for social reasons. Rush to the rest room!

Small changes to adapt to good habits can be very beneficial to us. Just eat small simple meals on time. Say cheers to health!