Healthy holi! – Maintain Weight Loss

Holi is the festival of colors. This is a festival eagerly awaited by all age groups. Celebrating festivals is the best way to lighten your heart and distress your mind.  However, if the festival ends with a plunge on the weighing scale it could be disheartening for many especially if you are working hard to lose some fat. Holi is followed by a drastic change in weather and so should our diet. It is the time to shift to light summer foods.  Just following a few tips can enhance to make your festival healthier and guilt free!

Stay hydrated

– Keep sipping on sugar free fluids like water, lemon water, salted lassi or fresh fruit juices. As holi is played outdoors, a lot of moisture is evaporated from the skin. Thirst signals are similar to hunger pangs and you could land up overeating just because you were increase your water intake buy 1 lt. on holi.

Do not over eat

– remember in India we are never short of festivals so it is not your last chance to eat festive food. Enjoy your festival but avoid going overboard.  Choose what you like to eat rather than what is served. Chew and eat your gujia guilt free. Gulping down food due to your guilt of cheating can provoke you to overeat.

Choose home cooked

– traditionally festivals meant many goodies being cooked at home in the most healthy and hygienic way. Home cooked sweets like gujia can be must healthier as you can control the sugar and fat content in it. Usually sweets sold in shops are very high in sugar content as sugar acts as a preservative and increases the shelf life. Secondly, with the increase in sales these sweets are made much in advance with higher content of preservatives.

Organize pool in parties-one common problem faced by all on holi is lac of domestic helps. Rather than binging on stale market food organize pool in lunch party where everyone cooks one dish each. This could make your festival even more enjoyable with a healthy touch to it.

Detox the next day

– Did you over ate on holi? It is ok to cheat once a while on your favorite festival. Just compensate for it the next day by doing detox . The target is that end of the week your weight should be maintained.

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Engage in physical activities

– enjoy your festival with lots of dancing and games. This could help you to burn the extra calories you consume.

Homemade thandai- Holi is incomplete without thandai. The original recipe is very healthy and a very good source of nutrients and minerals. Avoid the artificially flavored market thandai. So soak and grind fresh tasty thandai at home and ensure your kids drink it too. It is the best drink for stronger bones.

A Healthy home-made thandai recipe:

  • 1/4 cup almonds
  • 2 tbsp. khus khus
  • 2 tbsps. sauf
  • 2 elaichi
  • black pepper
  • kesar
  • 2 tbsps. desi khand/bura/jaggrey.

Mix, Soak and grind all these. Add the thandai paste to milk and it’s ready.

Replace your white sugar with natural sugars like ‘tagar’ or ‘khand’. They enhance the flavor of your sweets and are chemical free.

Choose traditional sweets or foods over modern foods- a gujia is any day healthier than a pastry! Our traditional recipes were thoughtfully made keeping in mind the climate and the nutritional needs of our body. A homemade ‘poori’ will be much healthier than a pizza.

You can choose a healthy sweet dish option rather that going for a wholesome oil and sugar drenched dish.

Date sweet dish is a healthy sweet dish recipe best for the people with sweet tooth. You can watch the recipe video below:


So enjoy your festival to the fullest! Just make these small changes in your diet and need not stress with the after effects of the festival.