How to Lose Weight Without Exercise?


How to Lose Weight Without Exercise? In today’s selfie era people are becoming conscious about their looks, psyche and weight. Everybody now desire to look slim and trim. You also must be taking out time to exercise from your tight schedules. Still if not getting the desired results then what to do? Fact is that our body weight depends on 30% exercise and 70% on what we are eating.

Well exercise is only the trailer of the weight loss story. The entire lifestyle plays an important role in defining the weight of a person.

Role of Exercise in losing Weight

Exercise is necessary to strike a balance between our body and desk-bound lives. Physiologically when we exercise then we overestimate the calories burnt by our body about 30% and when we eat then we underestimate the calorie intake by about 30%.

Its simple mathswhen weight loss is your major concern you need to eat less calories and burn more calories. But after doing physical activity it’s counterproductive and we tend to eat more.

But still exercise is mandatory

According to American College of Sports Medicines “Exercise is Medicine”, fitness plays a crucial role in a weight loss program, but it’s for reasons that go beyond calorie burning. Mind-body benefits of exercise will motivate in the long run.

Physical activity of body is necessary to maintain a weight but for weight loss, exercise alone can’t do wonders. Moreover, increased intensity of exercise will make you hungrier and increase your appetite leading to weight gain.

Then what’s the idea?

According to obesity researcher Alexxai Kravitz, there are three important components of consumption of energy or calories. They are

1) basal metabolic rate(BMR), or the energy used for basic functioning when the body is at rest

2) the energy used to break down food

3) the energy used in physical activity.

The uncovered truth about exercise is that when we exercise then we tend to lose only a small portion of total calories expenditure.

Dietician often hear from their patients that they are not losing weight instead of their daily regular

workout. They advises that to spend one-third of your total time of exercise in the kitchen to incorporate a healthy diet regime. Just don’t depend solely on your gyms as abs are made in the kitchen. Don’t eat outside until someone else is giving you a treat.

There is a need to maintain a striking balance between a healthy diet and a physical workout then only one can have significant weight loss.

Benefits of Healthy Diet
Lower down your calorie intake by 20% and increase the protein intake side by side in order to feel fuller. As protein has higher Thermic Effect of Food out of any macro nutrient and it will take longer time and energy to digest it. As a result you will not crave for food in short intervals.

As you know that diet is 70% responsible for our weight. So depend on your kitchens for losing weight. A healthy diet has innumerable benefits like:

  •  Effective Weight loss
  • Elate our mood
  • Fights and prevent diseases
  • A source of energy
  • Increases life-expectancy

As Guru says that Health is attained in gym but Weight is lost in the kitchen.

So stay connected to your kitchens.

So subscribe to Guru and chose to lose.

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