How to do time management?


How to do time management?

Time Management Tips and Tricks


Time is precious we all know that, particularly when we are engaged in some task. However, there are never more than 24 hours in a day.

Some people respond to this fact of life with focus and purpose.

Others freak out. Who you’re Person from the latter group? No, you don’t have to be. With the right approach, you can deal with every task efficiently, productively, and relatively stress-free.

Here are some tips for you to manage your time effectively.


• Know your goals:

Make sure you’re devoting your time in activities that support your goals. Everything else you can do in your entire day is a potential time-waster.


Just say no:

Learn to say no. if you have to decline a request in order to attend something important and urgent. Be arranged to move on to the more productive task. Learn from your past experience to avoid wasting time later on.

  •  Sleep at least 7-8 hours:

Some people think sacrificing sleep is a good way to slave productivity and they get extra 2-3 hours out of the day. Most people need 7-8 hours of sleep for their bodies and mind to work effectively. Please don’t compromise with your sleep.

  • Exercise and eat healthy:

Studies have linked a healthy lifestyle with effective work productivity. It’s similar to getting enough sleep. Regular exercise and healthy eating boost your energy level, clear your mind, and allow you to concentrate more easily.

  •  Commit to your plan:

Commit to your plan to do something is very important. Don’t fake on your own plan. Be committed. Be professional about it, and complete your task. If you decide to do something, do it now. Today is the right time to begin any task.

  • Get an early start:

Don’t avoid your work just because you’re not in a mood of doing this. It’s so much nicer and less stressful to get an early start. It is not difficult either if you decide to do it firmly.