How to deal with swollen fingers and toes in winters?


How to deal with swollen fingers and toes in winters?

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Most people are suffering from the problem of swollen fingers in winters. Swollen fingers and toes during winters are actually a medical condition called chilblains, which occur due to the rapid warming of the skin on exposure to cold temperature.

The swift change in temperature causes the blood vessels to expand briskly, causing leakage of blood into the nearby tissues. The condition may affect any part of your body however, it mostly affects your hands, toes and nose.


You can easily take care of swollen fingers effectively by using simple ingredient which is easily available in your kitchen.


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For immediate relief, this is the best and simple remedy for swollen fingers is lemon juice. You just need to apply lemon juice on the affected area and see the difference for yourself.


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Onion helps in improving the blood flow in the body. It contains antibiotic and antiseptic properties and therefore, if you apply it to the affected area, you’ll surely get quick relief from itching and swelling.


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Here is another simple remedy for a swollen finger is garlic! As we all know garlic is the powerhouse of antiseptic properties. Rub garlic paste on the affected area for quick relief.

Potato and salt

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Cut potato in slice and add salt, apply it directly on the affected area. This hack is great to get relief from swelling, redness and itching.