How to choose your best choosing colors?


How to choose your best choosing colours?

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Most of us have a favourite colour, however, one for your favourites may not be the best one for your wardrobe. Everyone has a different personality so they have a unique group of colours that make them look their best and on the other side, there are also some colours which make them look worst. Coordinating with the right colours create the difference between a stunning outfit and an ugly one.


  1. Determine your skin’s undertone.
  2. Learn how to tell if a colour is warm or cool.
  3. Keep your skin’s shade in mind.
  4. Wear tops and scarves that bring out the colour in your eyes.
  5. Picking Your Neutrals
  6. Picking Your Neutrals
  7. Picking Your Neutrals
  8. Grab six objects, each a different neutral colour.
  9. Look at your face next to each object.
  10. Look at your face next to each object.
  11. Choose one or two neutrals.
  12. Choose coloured clothing that matches your undertone.
  13. Pick a few accessories in complementing, opposite tone colours for your accent colour.
  14. Stick to one type of metal for accents and jewellery.
  15. Practice putting together outfits.
  16. Keep in mind what you want to convey with your colours.