How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly Every Single Time




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    Even though eyeliner is probably one of the first makeup products you ever purchased, it’s still, after all these years, somehow one of the hardest to apply. ’Cause unlike intuitive products like blush or foundation, eyeliner can go very wrong, very fast (and I’ll be the first to attest to that, considering my f*cked-up eyeliner has made me late to work more times than I’d like to admit). That said, there are some game-changing tricks in the beauty community that’ll help you apply eyeliner like a pro, and they’re actually pretty easy to master.

    Ahead, 12 tips and tricks for perfecting your eyeliner every time along with my favorite products to get the job done.

    1. How to Apply Eyeliner With Precise Lines

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    The problem: You’re lining your eyes with a dull liner rather than with a sharp one.

    The fix: If your eyeliner turns out thick and smudgy regardless of how carefully you apply it, it might be time to give your pencil a quick sharpen. Lining your eyes with a flat-tip pencil will leave you with rough, uneven lines, so keep a sharpener in your makeup bag at all times.

    2. How to Apply Eyeliner That Doesn’t Transfer

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    The problem: Your liner transfers onto your eyelids, leaving behind a “stamp” of pigment.

    The fix: Transfer is annoying AF but also fairly common, especially if you have smaller, hooded eyelids or oily skin. Try increasing the height of your eyeliner so the line is still visible when you open your eyes. That way, when your eyelid folds and opens, your liner will stay put.

    3. How to Apply Colored Eyeliner

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    The problem: You are sick of classic black eyeliner but haven’t totally figured out how to wear colored eyeliner.

    The fix: Keep it simple and accentuate your upper or lower lash line with a thin line of color rather than a full-on, super-intense block of it. Here are some of my favorite colored eyeliners to get you started: