How Fermented Foods are Healthy & Helps in Weight Loss ??


You have heard a lot of advises regarding nutritional changes in your diet. But did you ever think that introducing fermented foods in your diet is also one of the effective way for keeping healthy and to control your weight .

What are fermented foods?

Fermented foods goes through the lacto fermentation process in which bacteria of starches and sugars converts into lactic acid and acetic acid. It is the process which preserves nutrients in the food and helps in forming helpful enzymes, vitamins, omega 3, fatty acids .

Why fermented foods should be included in your diet to reduce weight ?


Fermentation process produces probiotics which consists of live bacteria which balance  your microbiome in your gut  and you should know that a balanced microbiome in your gut is essential for weight loss as it burns the stubborn fat of your body.

Essential nutrients

: Because of having useful balance of gut bacteria and suitable digestive enzymes it helps in absorbing more nutrients from food which you eat. As a result it ensures digestion which ultimately helps in weight loss.

No hunger pangs and cravings

: By involving fermented foods in your diet, it will make your meals more tasty and reduces the craving of processed and sugary foods, and as you are getting more nutrients of food , so you won’t feel hungry, this all helps you to follow your diet religiously which helps you to loose your weight more easily.

Reduces inflammation: Inflammation is one of the major reason of weight gain. Fermented foods are the fighters of inflammation that controls infections which are the hidden cause of inflammation.

Increase b-vitamins and omega  3:. B-vitamins and omega 3 are essential for weight loss  as it changes the fat and proteins into energy. Fermented foods increases the  level of b-vitamins and omega 3 in your body which helps you to loose your weight easily.

For detoxifying– Detoxifying is essential for weight loss. Bacteria in fermented foods have the capability of throwing out toxins and heavy metals from body.


1. Pickled vegetables 


Probiotics produced during the process of  fermentation of vegetables  helps in maintaining  gut flora and fight with microbial infection which leads to weight loss . By involving small amount of pickles in every meal could work as a medicine for digestive health but along with this, make sure the  intake of salt and oil in your meal should be less.

2. Sprouts:


Sprouts contains probiotic bacteria and as they are fermented , it creates the seed to sprout and open up which decreases the existance of  phytic acid and antinutrients  that maintains your weight .

3. Lassi


It is prepared by mixing yogurt and water, thus it becomes the drink of consuming probiotic bacteria that reduces bloating which ultimately leads to weight loss. It has less than 50% calories as compared to other milk products and could be a great snack if you are looking for weight loss.

4. Fermented soy:


When soy is processed it becomes antiinflammatory and its proteins becomes more digestable which is good for gut and waistline that controls your weight

5. Yogurt.


It is prepared through bacterial fermentation of milk. Due to prevailing live bacteria in yogurt it gives the benefits to gut microflora that reduces your weight. It has high satiety value which keeps you full and satisfied.

6.  Dhokla , idli and dosa .


These fermented foods are gluten free and due to fermentation , lactic acid bacteria present in it change the balance of PH in the intestine and helps in increasing availability of nutrients which leads to keep healthy & weight loss .You can have it instead of roti as one idli has fewer calories in comparasion of 1 roti .But keep in mind it should be prepared by rice batter instead of suji.

7. Beer and wine:


The beer that are made from grains such as barley ,corn rice, wheat contains vitamins that reduce blood clot formation and causes good cholesterol  .Fermented alcohol beverages have healthy benefits and may help in weight loss but only when drink in moderation.

“Now you know the benefits of fermented foods , so start including them in your diet ,it can do  miracles in your weight loss journey”.