hings You Didn’t Know About Smoothened Hair Treatments


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    We all want to have shiny, soft and frizz-free hair at all times. This is true, especially for Indian women who have to constantly fight external conditions like humidity, pollution, heat and air conditioning. In order to achieve super glossy tresses we have used treatments like smoothening treatments like relaxing and re-bonding, as well as straightening irons. Let’s look into the details as to what is the hype behind these hair smoothening treatments? We bring to you everything you need to know about hair smoothening treatments.

    1. What Is Hair Smoothening?

    Hair smoothening is a chemical treatment which is also termed as a Brazilian blowout, Keratin treatment or Cysteine treatment. The process embroils drenching your hair with formaldehyde solution, followed by drying it out and then using a flat iron to straighten your hair.

    2. How Long Does It Last?

    The chemicals used for hair smoothening are not as strong as the ones used for straightening treatments, which makes this option comparatively less damaging. The effect of this treatment lasts for about 2-5 months

    Now that you are clear about the treatment, let’s take a look at things you should know about it.

    1. Be Aware

    It is obvious that chemical straighteners weaken hair, but companies have found a way to make these treatments as gentler as they can. Any sort of relaxing or smoothening treatment should always be applied to the hairline last since it is the most fragile area.

    2. It’s A Commitment

    Once you’ve permanently smoothened your hair, there’s no going back. You’re stuck with it until your hair grows out. Say bye-bye to your natural curls and hello to your permanently straight hair. That may be awesome, but you should ask yourself a few big-picture questions before you make this sort of commitment, especially since our greatest relationship might be with our hair.

    3. No Chemicals

    We know it’s absurd that after such a heavy chemical treatment, you are being advised to stay clear of chemicals but it is important to use a sulphate-free shampoo after you’ve been through hair smoothening. Avoid products that contain sulphates since they can cause the frizz to reappear prematurely.

    4. Avoid Excessiveness

    Avoid doing an in-salon hair smoothening treatment more than three times a year, since every time you do one, your hair becomes more brittle and susceptible to breakage. Hence it is advisable to avoid it and limit your treatments.

    5. Dryness

    While you enjoy the smoothened hair texture for the first few months after hair smoothening, this treatment may lead to extreme dryness after the first few months. You are exposing your hair to chemicals which may seep into the scalp and make it flaky, damaging your mane from roots to tips.

    6. Not For Thin Hair

    If you have fine hair, it is advisable not to opt for the hair smoothening treatment. The treatment results in making your hair even finer and may result in them being brittle and more prone to breakage. 

    7. Does Not De-Frizz

    Many people are under the assumption that smoothening treatments help to eliminate frizz from the hair. But that is not entirely true. While the treatment does make your hair more manageable, remember it is not de-frizzing your mane.

    8. Alternatives Available

    While hair smoothening treatment is the most powerful and lasting one available, there are now alternatives which give this treatment a tough competition. These alternative treatments do not use formaldehyde and last from weeks to months depending on the kind you opt for.

    While we all have our own hair battles to win, which can seem daunting at times, we fortunately have Hair Products For Different Hair Textures that help us fight the same.