Healthy Heart Friendly Diet Plan


Healthy Heart Diet Plan – Today’s sedentary lifestyle and thanks to mobile, internet and TV and off course 9 hrs. corporate office shift job which are causing the serious health hazards to people. It is shocking to know but nowadays children of small age are also suffering from heart disease.

As prevention is better than cure why not follow some tips to keep our heart healthy. Following are some tips from Guru ’s Dietician:

  1. Avoid unhealthy Fat: you should not completely avoid fat from your diet but can opt for olive oil, rice bran oil, soya bean oil and some healthy oils instead of refined oil, Trans fatty acids and saturated fats present in bakery items, fried food and fried meat outside.
  2. Include whole grains in Diet: like oatmeal, quinoaand flax seeds etc. they are high in fiber, minerals and vitamins. They help in maintaining optimum blood pressure and keep the heart healthy. Also don’t forget to avoid excessive use of refined flour like Maida.
  3. Limit your sodium& Sugar Intake: excess sodium level increases blood pressure and consequently invitation to heart problems. So keep 4gms of salt intake per day as a limit. Sugar is readily absorbable carbohydrates so excess amount is converted to fat and cause weight gain
  4. Include all colors: eat more fruits of different colors and green leafy vegetable as they are the best source of vitamins, fiber, anti-oxidants and less in calories. Make them your buddy and have them in form of salads, soups, vegetable Manchurian , spread them over a whole wheat pizza base and add a little spice to it to make it little interesting.
  5. Keep a check on quantity: for this the best idea is to serve a food in a small plate. So this can prevent you from serving extra food to your plate and hence controlling your portion size
  6. Need to stop your smoking and drinking habit: as they are the major source for causing heart problems
  7. Always be in touch with any physical activity: in form of yoga, exercise, dance or any outdoor game to improve heart rate, healthy body weight and inducing more oxygen to blood to keep heart healthy.
  8. Always eat home cooked food: don’t eat unless somebody else’s pocket is giving you a party and if going to eat out then avoid processed food. Home cooked food is always best for you
  9. Nuts are healthy: can keep a small box full of nuts like walnuts, cashew nuts, ground nuts etc. always in your bag to avoid munching of high salted snacks and junk food. Nuts can provide you enough fiber and energy
  10. Always be positive and avoid stress: stress is the biggest enemy of good health. So when under pressure then practice any hobby like reading books, listening your favorite music, watching movie or going out can relieve stress.

So be positive and aim higher in life.