Happy Holi 2019: Tips to take care of your skin, hair, eyes


Happy Holi 2019: Tips to take care of your skin, hair, eyes

Holi Celebration 2018


The harmful chemicals of holi colours can harm your skin and the harmful ultra violate rays of the sun can damage your exposed skin. To have a safe holi without causing any skin problem, here are some tips.

Everybody loves to play holi, the smearing of colours on each other’s face and splashing around in water is the thing which makes the festival more exciting,

it is important to take proper care of your skin, hair and most importantly your eyes during holi season. The harmful chemical of gulaal can harm your skin badly and the harmful rays of sunlight cause damage to your exposed skin.

So, to help you enjoy the fun and excitement of the colourful festival of holi, we have some fantastic beauty and make-up tips for you.


  • Skin care

  • Make sure there are no cuts, burns, wounds on your skin and you haven’t done bleaching, threading and waxing recently as they open up the pores and increases the chances of infection and rashes.
  • To keep your skin safe and secure, you can take some precautions before playing holi. Like you can apply pore closing pack the night before holi festival. You can also apply coconut oil, mustard oil, olive oil or a Vaseline that locks your skin properly and prevents the penetration of colours to get into the pores.
  • Apply the rich layer of oil on your entire body, it is the most common and the easiest way of protecting your skin from the holi colours damage.
  • Try wearing full sleeves clots or the cloths which can cover your entire body thoroughly. You can also ware swimming suit under your dress to help avoid colours from spreading to your skin under the clothes.
  • For added protection, ware cap and sunglasses. Don’t wear your contact lenses.




  • Ware a scarf or hat to style your look and also prevent your hairs from damage.
  • Apply a thick layer of oil or conditioner to prevent your hairs from damage. Oil can help prevent dryness. You can also apply some hair gel in place of oil. If you don’t want to step out with oily hairs then a hair gel can be the good substitute.