Green Tea-A solution to weight loss or a myth


green teaGreen Tea-A solution to weight loss or a myth You must be shocked as many of us think that having green tea helps reducing weight faster but do you know that actually having large amount of green tea can cause problems for body metabolism and can result to throat cancer.

According to including Green Tea-A solution to weight loss moderate amount of green tea to your already framed diet can help in weight management. The EGCG and Catechins compound present in this beverage helps in improving metabolic rate and avoid the collection of fats.


  1. Green tea has less caffeine than black tea: According to a study in Journal of Analytical Toxicology Green tea contains as much caffeine as black tea. So people having green tea are consuming same amount of caffeine as black tea.
  2. Green tea helps preventing cancerObsession of everything is wrong. According to studies having overdose of green tea can lead to throat cancer.
  3. Green Tea-A solution to weight loss diet Nutritionist suggest that green tea is helpful in reducing fat faster around waistline but nothing in its composition can do this quickly. So please do not depend solely on green tea for reduction of fat.


1. Helps in building stronger bones: Drinking one to two cups everyday can prevent Osteoporosis. Moreover it aids in building stronger bones and keeping away other bones related problems.
2. Cures Acne:Green tea extracts are usually used in cosmetics and green tea oil is best example which is used for treating acne and other skin problems.
3. Prevents Cancer: Balanced and regular intake of green tea helps in preventing cancer causing cells. Catechin ingredient in it restricts growth of enzymes that helps the growth of cancer cells.
4. Benefits cardiovascular system: Routine intake of green tea helps in well-functioning of the most important organ i.e. heart. It helps in decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, getting rid of blood clots and much more.

Green Tea Packaging:

While using tea bags we never think that of what material they are made up of. Disadvantage of latest food technology is becoming hazardous to our health and giving birth to new health related issues.
According to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), epichlorohydrin is the pesticide that is used in making tea bags is a cancer causing element.Some tea bags are made up of viscose rayon, nylon, thermoplastic, PVC or polypropylene. We are not aware the dangers of consuming things coming out of heated plastic material. They can not only be a reason for cancer but can also result in infertility and poor immune system.

Artificial Flavoring:

There are plenty of flavors in green tea available in market like lemon,ginger, jasmine, tulsi and twinning, mint. Artificial flavoring and sweeteners are used as taste enhancers can produce extraordinary taste. They are easily used by the manufacturers as they are cheap. Artificial flavors like sucralose can surprisinglyinterfere with body resistance to insulin level.


Thus we can conclude that green tea can only provide positive results when used in its original form, in moderate quantity and when not used in plastic or paper tea bags.
Moreover, we should not assume that by mere drinking green tea we can lose our belly fat. We should take balanced and timely diet and with regular exercise and yoga practice supplemented with moderate levels of green tea intake so that we can get the desired results with perfect and healthy body.

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