Giloy benefits in any Viral & Weight Loss


Giloy benefits in any Viral & Weight Loss

How to use fresh Giloy ? Giloy benefits in any viral & Weight Loss due to new age pollution comes new diseases and viruses. Viral is caused by viruses with genetic material inside. Viruses act as hijackers in our body and multiply itself to produce more which results in sickness. Antibiotics don’t treat viral completely but few natural remedies can help fight virus like Giloy.

Diseases treated by Giloy

Giloy benefits in any Viral

Giloy leafs are heart shaped grown trees with a creamy grey colored bark. It is used as a medicine and is known for its aphrodisiac, immunity stimulant, antioxidant, hepatoprotective, anticancer and anti-diabetic properties

  • Giloy when mixed with castor oil can help relieve gout
  • Ginger and Giloy is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Mixture of sugar and Giloy is used to skin and liver related diseases.
  • Arthritis can be treated by ghee mixed with Giloy
  • For treating constipation Giloy mixed with jaggery is the best remedy

Health Benefits of Giloy

  • It helps in boosting our immunity
  • It provides relief in chronic fever
  • It treats constipation and improves digestion
  • Geloi juice is raamban for diabetic people
  • Mixed with other herbs it also enhances our memory
  • Provide relief in stress levels and anxiety
  • Also used to treat many breathing problems like Asthma
  • It also helps in keeping you young as it has anti-aging properties
  • It keeps skin problems at bay by reducing pimple, dark spots and keeps your skin bright and beautiful

Benefits of Giloy in Viral

Geloy is used to treat chronic fever, viral infection and diseases. As it has anti-pyretic properties which helps in reducing the viruses in body and several life warning conditions. It helps in increasing the blood platelets and pacify various symptoms of dengue & malaria fever and chickengunia.



You can take 1-2 gms of Giloy extract and combine with honey two times a day to treat viral.