Fruits or Juice, Which is Better?


Fruits or Juice, Which is Better for Weight Loss ?

Some of us think that juice is a most healthy drink we can have. Few know that consuming juice and avoiding fruit can be quite nasty for your weight loss program or for diabetic people.

Fruits over Juice but why?

  • Juice elevates sugar level more quickly:

amount of sugar present in juice is much higher than present in whole fruit. Therefore raising the blood sugar level so quickly. Like 120 calories’ worth of whole apples contains about 24 grams of sugar, while 120 calories’ worth of apple juice contains about 30 grams. So for diabetic people having juice is a bad idea.

  • Juice is less of flavonoids:

the skin of the fruit which contains variety of colored pigments which interact with sunlight is full of carotenoids and flavonoids which provide cushion to our health and are very nutritious. As juice is made by removing the outer skin it loses nutritious skin which can prevent cancer causing cells and protection from ultra violet rays.

  • Juice does not contain fiber:

skin of the fruit which contains utmost fiber which plays a very important role in cleaning the digestion tract are removed. Having whole fruit full of fiber reduce the absorption of fruit’s sugar keeping glycemic index low. Mere juice is only full of sugar

  • Juice is not filling:

less of fiber juice is quickly digestible and we don’t feel filling after having juice of even 5 oranges or apple while we feel full even by eating only 3 apples

  • Juice does not assist in weight loss:

having juice doesn’t fulfill our appetite and we still feel hungry thereby we eat more while having whole fruit controls our appetite and skin is full of natural vitamins and antioxidants thereby reducing weight and contributing towards your health.

Many fruit juices are available in market with “Pulp”. But these juices are made by adding flavor with preservative and artificial sugar. Ultimately it loses its nutrition and thus becoming natural drink with sugar aiming towards weight gain. Natural juices are still a better option than cola. But if you want full benefit you should go for whole fruit.So grab your favorite fruit while leaving home as fruits as they are more portable and be healthy.