Follow Scientific Ways To Lose Weight Fast in A Healthy Way


Today everyone is conscious about health and wants to do every damn effort to look sexy in a dress without showing flab. Well, well-maintained weight is not only a sign of sexy body but also reflects good health. Also keeps you at bay from chronic diseases.
Always remember that keeping fit and maintaining healthy weight is not a few days task. It is a long term lifestyle moderation that you need to follow all of your life. Healthy body can neither be purchased nor borrowed or shared. Healthy body can only be achieved or earned by following healthy lifestyle and diet.
Losing weight requires lot of patience and will power. Here are some motivation techniques and steps to follow
First of all start thinking about yourself, your body, your looks etc. Bring yourself in limelight and imagine yourself with perfect body

  • Then point out your areas of focus and ways to achieve them

Like working on your appetite
Increasing your metabolism
Reducing fat from body parts
Maintaining overall health

Our nutrition experts guide you to:

  • Trim down your intake of white demons i.e. sugar and salt

    : sugar or carbohydrates (as they turn into glucose or energy) are the foods which increase the insulin level in your body. A stage comes when insulin making cells (Beta cells in pancreas) get exhausted and its production is reduced in the body. The lower insulin levels burn fat in the body instead of consuming carbohydrates to meet the energy requirements of the body. It makes the person lose body weight in Diabetes(1, 2)

Hike in sodium levels in our body due to salt and hidden ingredients like baking soda and baking powder can result in: high blood pressure, heart stroke, brain hemorrhage, damage in kidneys and water retention level in body.

  • Healthy Protein Diet is the best to reduce weight:

    protein not only provides nutrition to body but also help in curbing extra calories as we feel full after having protein diet. It increases our BMR and maintains our muscle mass during weight loss. E.g.: fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, kidney beans, chick peas, soya bean and various lentils. Proteins boost our metabolism so that we can do physical activities and task more easily.(3)

  • Adding protein to your diet:

    Protein diet not only increases your metabolism but also helps in reduction of calorie consumption as you feel fuller for longer duration of time and eat fewer calories. Eating eggs and non-vegetarian food for the non-vegetarians or having green leafy vegetable, quinoa or amaranth/ramdana/chaulai if you are vegetarian can help including protein in your diet. (4,5)

  • Including nuts in your schedule:

    Nuts are the most handy food item you can carry it anywhere with you and have them anytime. They are loaded with omega 3, fiber, protein and healthy fats they prove to be the healthiest snack. They boost metabolic rate and help in weight loss.


    Spinach, fenugreek leaves etc. are perfect examples. The best part of eating green leafy vegetables is that you can eat them without any restriction in quantity. As they are loaded with fiber and less in calories and carbohydrates. Veggies are the source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential nutrients. Fiber keeps digestion tract clean and assistn weight loss program. So either make a salad or enjoy them in your soup, this not only makes you filling but also keeps you away from variety of added sugar, types of fat, junk or processed food, and limits the calories.

  • Non-Vegetarian food lovers

    : If you want to lose weight without giving up non-vegetarian food. Weight studio guides to eat healthier version in non-vegetarian food instead. These foods are high in proteins, low in calories and are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids which controls obesity. So go for: eggs and pastured eggs are best; fish and seafood like salmon, lobsters, shrimps, trout and many more; lean meat like chicken, pork, lamb, chicken etc.

  • Have lots of fluids:

    Fluids like water and low calorie drinks without can control your appetite. They help in releasing toxins from the body and act as a weapon against weight gain. You will feel fuller and eat less. Moreover,

  1. Water contains zero calories
  2. It boosts our metabolism
  3. Control our appetite
  4. Decreases water retention
  5. Water helps in keeping energy levels high
  6. Reduces cravings

While in office you can also carry your nuts like roasted lotus seeds (makhane), almonds, cashew nuts and pistachios, fruits and salads with you.

  • Avoid refined carbohydrates:

    they are easily digested therefore increase the risk of obesity as we feel the urge to eat more and morethereby increasing number of calories

  • Avoid Processed and junk food: Processed foods are the processed try reducing the number of times you are ordering junk food as they contain sugar, harmful fats and loads of calories. Only eat out when somebody else is giving you a treat next time.
  • Try to eat especially home cooked meals: It is said that abs are made in the kitchen. While losing weight you must concentrate on how to cook healthy food .Home cooked meals are made in good oil and proper hygiene.
  • While partying go for healthy food options: choose a smaller plate and go for healthier options like less oily homemade paneer (dishes like paneer tikka), salads, soups , south Indian food , fruits etc. (8)
  • Avoid Alcohol: as it decreases the body metabolism and make your liver weak(9)
  • Fast /Detox once a week: Fasting is a weight loss technique which reduces your calorie intake. This also enhances your self-control which ultimately enhances the quality of mindful eating. Go for detoxification at regular time intervals is important for flushing out toxins is very necessary as it aids in weight loss and good for immune system. You can go for detoxification by sweating your body by indulging in some physical exercise or can also go for sauna bath etc.
  • Replace your regular tea with green tea: You must be shocked as many of us think that having green tea helps reducing weight faster but do you know that actually having large amount of green tea can cause problems for body metabolism and can result to throat cancer.

According to including Green Tea-A solution to weight loss moderate amount of green tea to your already framed diet can help in weight management. The EGCG and Catechins compound present in this beverage helps in improving metabolic rate and avoid the collection of fats. (12, 13)

  • Take your probiotics: it is a live bacterium which improves the digestion system of our body in form of curd, butter milk etc. As it improves the health of your gut bacteria and reduces the chances of getting ill, skin breakouts etc.

Nowadays Yakult is also available in the market in the form of your daily probiotic (14, 15)

  • Eat more number of times: this will help in reducing the cravings as you will not feel too hungry to go for heavily loaded calorie food like fried or sugary items
  • Spice it up your meals: Adding spices in our meals provide us numerous health benefits (spices like cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, red chili etc.). By adding spices in your meals you are not only adding a flavor to your food but also reducing your weight as they are fat burning agents. Spices helps in decreasing cholesterol levels, boosting your immunity and digestion system thereby satisfying your taste buds and controlling your appetite(11)
  • Good exercise: A thirty minutes exercise daily can make your muscles strong, tone up your body parts, increases stamina and helps in burning calories.
  • Good sleep: A good night sleep or an eight hours of sleep in a 24 hour day is essential for our body to remain healthy and work properly Sleep deprived people are more likely to get obese. According to studies sleep deprived people can’t control their appetite hormone fluctuations as compared to people sleeping for sufficient hours. (10)
  • No Stress: Many a time stress leads to weight gain. Stress hormones like Cortisol released in more intensity during stress which leads to overeating. To combat it we are more likely to go for food like cookies, chocolates, cakes etc. as its easily handpicked, but they are the unhealthiest foods. So remain stress free to remain healthy.
  • Eat healthy for healthy lifestyle: Eating healthy not only just to lose weight but for healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating helps you combat medical conditions and certain deficiency so make healthy eating your lifestyle and do not consider it as a job.
  • Include Fiber in your Diet chart: Fiber, a complex carbohydrate which cannot be broken down or absorbed by body. It just passes from our digestive tract flushing out all the toxins from our body. It contains no energy, no nutrients but still plays a major role in the well-being of our body. Foods rich in water soluble fiber give you a feeling of fullness. They are not digested easily as they stay inside for longer period of time; eating fiber fills your stomach and helps in release of satiety hormone.
  • Avoid Fad and crash diets: Crash and fad diets deprive body from its daily required nutrients and calories intake. While following them you might feel that you are losing weight but with that you are also losing your muscular mass. It not only deprives body from what it needs but also decreases the metabolism. As a result you find yourself too weak for doing any energy-consuming physical activity. Gradually you become lethargic in doing your routine tasks. And a time comes when you have to leave your dieting, doing this you will be back to your original schedule which will lead to gaining back of weight which you lost during dieting. So weight loss goal should be long term and should not be a fast track process.
  • Don’t skip any meal: Skipping meals can make your body deprived of essential nutrients required by your body. Then as a result you may feel dizzy, laziness in doing work, body pains and etc. Many of us count food as calories but food actually acts as a fuel for our body needed for proper functioning and doing daily tasks. It makes us happy and alive. Skipping meals can lead to enhanced cravings and then you will be tempted to eat food items which are loaded with calories
  • Healthy Fats: Healthy fats are important to include in diet. They increase our metabolism and make our body stronger. Fats like ghee promote fat burning from stubborn fat areas of body. So have ghee without worrying and avoid refined oil.
  • Healthy sugar: can be consumed in form of fruits like oranges, apple, banana etc. It is advisable to not to take more than three servings of fruit in a day. This healthy sugar in for of fruits is also advised to diabetic patients even their body needs healthy sugar for proper functioning. A citrus fruit is important to take at least once in a day because it provides energy, helps in blood pressure problem, anxiety, helps cure acidity, low sugar.
  • Changing your lifestyle rather than changing weight: Changing your lifestyle into healthy automatically leads to weight loss. So focus on healthy eating it and weight loss will gradually approach your way. Long term horizon should be to achieve healthy lifestyle which will ultimately cover your weight loss criteria. It will help you losing weight by having healthy food. It would build up your immune system by improving the health of bacteria in your gut. Ultimately you will have a healthy body and mind.
  • Indulge in your favorite hobby: You can indulge in some hobby classes like dance, zumba or going for a brisk walk with friends. Playing with kids is a stress busting physical activity which can aid you in achieving healthy lifestyle and weight.

Here there is a recipe which will be full of protein, assist you in weight loss, makes you feel fuller and will also satisfy your taste buds:

Let’s see how to make Mexican Kidney Beans (Rajma) Wrap:

To achieve healthy weight one should not only focus on how to just lose weight fast. The wider approach should be how to achieve healthy body by nourishing it with healthy eating and nurturing it with good thoughts. One should modify lifestyle for staying healthy.