Fixing Mistakes: Five Steps for Any Situation


Fixing Mistakes: Five Steps for Any Situation

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In this journey called life- doing mistakes is natural. We all goof sometimes, though some mistakes are minor, and don’t cause much impact on the world, some mistakes hurt people and have to be dealt with smartness and completely.

Here are five steps for dealing with any mistake, whether it’s something personal or a professional level.

1.  Acknowledge the Mistake Directly

Don’t ever try to avoid your mistakes. Whether you’ve messed with your boss in your office or forgotten your best friend’s birthday, ignoring the failure won’t make it less important.

2.  Take Responsibility

One thing we all are good at; self-defending or arguments. When we are forced to acknowledge our shortcomings then in no time we start defending ourselves without caring about the circumstances.

3.  Apologize

An apology is a cure for every problem. Those two words- I am sorry- can clean up the mess which you have created. You can also use “please forgive me” just to make your apology more honest and reliable.

4.  Offer a Practical Way to Make Up for the Mistake

In a few cases, you can’t do anything to make up for what’s been done. Some mistakes we can’t fix. So, instead of regretting or feeling guilty of your doing try to deal with it in a practical way.

5.  Give the Other Person Time to Think and Respond

The deeper the hurt the longer it takes in healing. The only apology can’t help you in this situation. You need to give some time to the other person for absorbing the situation.