Five Tips to Get More Time to Yourself


Five Tips to Get More Time to Yourself

Nowadays nobody has time to even talk to other people, everybody is busy in their own world. The life I busy and fast-paced: there is absolutely no denying this. Everybody is in a hurry, working more than ever.


If you spend your whole day saying you are too busy or you don’t have time, I guarantee you’ll attract and manifest more busyness and have no time in your life. The present moment — you’ll find that you’ll achieve more in your day and with less stress too.

If time is an issue for you, here are some suggestions to help you achieve sanity:



  1. Make time where you can.

It can seem like everything is important, especially when it comes to work and tasks around the house. Delegate some of your responsibility, or cut out what isn’t absolutely necessary to your day to clear your schedule.


2. Accept not doing things perfectly.

We all want to do everything on time and correctly. This can take most of your time, this can mean you stay after work; answer work e-mails on the weekend, or simply can’t go to sleep until all of the dishes are have to accept that you can’t get everything done, at a certain point every night, put everything down and focus on doing something you want.


  1. Explore the guilt.

When I feel bad or guilty about something, I write it down. I write all my thoughts and feelings on paper so I can really examine what’s going on, instead of letting my mind get carried away. Write it down and ask yourself


  1. Identify your sanctuaries.

Choose a few places where you love to be alone and recharge. Identify a few emergency getaway spots, too. For instance, you may love to sit on a park bench and read for the afternoon, but if you only have a few minutes, a closet or bathroom may be the perfect place for a few deep breaths. Your sanctuary may not be a location, but rather an activity like knitting, writing, or hiking. These are sacred places to go and fill your heart.


  1. Reschedule Your Schedule

Now that you’ve freed up precious minutes, decide how you want to spend your energy.

Establish one or two “non-negotiable” and work your schedule around them. For example, eight hours of sleep a night, two hours of exercise a week, or one night out for fun, you can do any of such things.