Five Tips To Get Better At Understanding People


Five Tips To Get Better At Understanding People

2017 07 26 Five Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

I deal with varied personalities so, I have learnt that, by taking some time in understanding the situation instead of taking an action right way, we can add many peaches to in our life.

Here are some tips for you to get better at understanding people.


  1. Take time to ask simple questions to understand what is going on with the other person.

To trigger their emotion, keep on asking what happened during the day when the other person seems upset, angry, irritated or flustered.


  1. Take time to listen to the issue completely.

Use simple phrases to keep going on the conversation. Please, avoid interrupting until they have expressed the whole situation.


  1. Allow the other person to feel how they are feeling.

Ask them about “how the situation made them feel”. And many times they will tell you what you already figured out after grasping their mood. Now all you have to do is to allow that emotion.


  1. Have compassion for what the other person is going through.

Ask them if they need any help from you? Or you can do anything for them? Give them a hug to show that you care for them. A little love and care can allow another person to feel more comfortable.


  1. Understand it has nothing to do with you and do not take it personally. 

By taking the time to ask, listen, allow and have care, it is much easier to apprehend the other person.