Are u Eating Same Food Every Day in Daily Diet


Are u Eating Same Food Every Day??

– Is your diet fixed for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Eating monotonous diet everyday can be a little bore and unhealthy too. Let’s know how:

Body’s adaptability: initially body weight will reduce if you are continuing same diet for weeks but after some time the weight will get stagnant and it’s not going to reflect on your body. As body will adapt itself for same diet and will not show any changes after a time

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Deficiency of essential nutrients:

consuming same food items every day can make our body deficit of essential and various vitamins and minerals like protein, carbohydrates, iron, zinc and selenium. As different variety of foods have different nutrients. So restricting our self to limited food items can be risky for our long term health.

Disturbed sleeping pattern:

monotony in diet can also interfere with our sleeping patterns. As per studies people with same eating pattern are absorbing less calories and protein which leads to some dissatisfaction resulting in disturbed sleep.

Weight Gain:

while consuming same diet we get pretty bore and to reduce that boredom we tend to opt for those unhealthy fatty and junk items which are responsible for rapid weight gain

Increased Cravings:

eating same food persuade us to be attracted towards less Healthy but interesting food. If we are not able to fulfil this then it leads to certain sort of depression


: consuming less food because of monotonous diet can result storing fat rather than burning which results in lower metabolic rate


while on diet sometimes our body can be deprived of water due to loss of sodium which holds water.

Lose Muscle:

at times we can lose muscle instead of losing fat leading to restriction in physical activities

Increased Boredom:

same food can restrict our daily bodily function as we tend to lose interest in food and fewer calories interfere with our body’s productivity.

Our body need a balanced diet which includes all the essential and different vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates. But eating same diet restricts the variety of nutrients required by body for proper functioning.

Guru says that it’s almost impossible to get all the nutrients while sticking to same diet. So a balanced diet should consist of varied and medley of different fruits and vegetables, whole grains, brown rice, lean protein, probiotics, nuts etc. Guru advice its clients, diet plans which does not restrict many food items and which includes high quality and variety of food items to naturally lose weight.

So visit local farmer’s market and choose and experiment with some new fruit or veggie. Enjoy your food to the fullest and always choose high quality food items.