E-MEAL: Having food with TV, Mobile


E-MEAL: Having food with TV, Mobile is not Good

Nowadays in our busy schedules we tend to do multitasking with the help of technology. Our cellphones are our lives. We move, sleep, go to loo & eat while using mobile phones.So having meal while using laptop, television, mobile phones , I call it as a e-meal.I know its hard to resist using your smartphone for some time but until and unless its urgent you should only concentrate on food while having meal.Nowadays I think this has become the trend or I think the necessity that you should eat in front of television sets. Children also don’t eat without watching their favorite cartoon. If TV is not available to the them, then youtube or some game on the mobile comes for the rescue.

Have you noticed that even if we are not hungry but if we sit and eat in front of TV we eat more than we wanted or our appetite. Then it doesn’t matter for us that what we are eating as our taste buds doesn’t respond properly. We consume extra calories and just eat. Socializing on phone has become so important to us that we don’t even think about hurting the sentiments of the person sitting next to us. Our personal lives are becoming public

Consequences of eating while watching TV

  • While watching a horror show/ emotional etc then our body tend to release some ‘stress hormone’ due to which proper digestion doesn’t take place resulting in weight gain.
  • Various studies say that you tend to have 25% more calories if eat while watching TV
  • While watching TV we forgot to chew our food properly and as a result our intestines absorb less nutrients and energy form food and also undigested food enters our blood stream causing diseases like heartburn, acidity, etc and also leading to weight gain.
  • Sometimes we eat food sitting on a couch while watching TV. Eating food while sitting on a wrong posture also leads to chronic pain in body.
  • Brain does not register the feeling of satisfaction from eating as the mind is focused elsewhere. As a result you overeat without enjoying the food.
  • Sometimes as we are so engrossed we under eat.
  • Sometimes people eat according to the timings of TV programs. They delay their meal timings in order to eat while watching their favorite show. Improper timings of meal can disturb our appetite and digestion system.

As far as the mobile is concerned, in various studies sit is found that it is has 400 times more bacteria than the bathroom. So eating while doing chatting on whats app does not seem to be a good idea. Move back to good old days when there were no smartphones and we used to play with our friends and eat with our siblings and not with TV. Enjoy the food that you are eating. Our ancestors used to sit crossed legs on floor while eating food. The scientific reason behind that posture is that the earth’s natural energy regulates our nervous system and our senses and taste buds works well while eating food and the sitting posture padmasana helps in proper digestion of food.

right way for eating food

I can’t resist myself from writing that cellphone has already replaced watch, camera, calendar, & alarm clock. Please don’t let it replace your family and health.

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