Is Drinking Water With Meals Bad for Weight Loss?


Drinking Water With Meals Bad for Weight Loss

This is an exclusive information for those who tend to drink with meals. Generally we eat between the meals sometimes cold water, sometimes cold drinks or sodas or sometimes juices etc.  Nowadays in restaurant also we get soft drink or squash etc. with food.

Let’s know why we should not have liquids while eating food:

  1. When we drink water during meals then it disturbs the consistency of digestive enzymes. Enzymes which are responsible for absorption of vitamins B12 and breaking down of proteins. The liquid consumed with meal reduces the consistency of digestive enzymes which are responsible for breaking down of food and absorbing nutrients.
  2. There are higher chances of storing fat in your body and it gives rise to bad cholesterol because the food is not properly digested
  3. When we drink too much of liquid in between or just after the meal then we feel that too much pressure on our stomach and we feel some kind of uneasiness and a feeling of bloating and worsens gastric reflux
  4. Excess drinking between meals can also need to nutrients malabsorption
  5. Drinking between the meals can make you obese and can result in weight gain
  6. Alcohol taken with meals dries up saliva (1) which is responsible for softening the food and making it easy for digestion. Then it becomes more difficult to digest the food.

How to avoid drinking while having meals:

While there are enough

benefits of drinking fluids but

  • Drink half an hour before eating meal controls our appetite
  • The more salty the food is the more it triggers our thirstiness and tempts us to drink with meals. So try to eat less salty food
  • Can have buttermilk after 20 minutes of having meal as it aids in digestion
  • If you are just gulping your food in a hurry there are more chances that to push that food deep inside you need to drink. So chew your food nicely and don’t eat too quickly
  • It’s better to drink Luke warm water if you feel like drinking between the meals as it would aid in digestion and weight loss
  • People suffering fromgastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) should avoid having liquids. It can increase acid reflux for them.