Diet Plan for Healthy Weight loss


Diet Plan for Healthy Weight loss India – Want to lose weight but don’t want to go to gym or fasting?? Well here are some tips from Guru ’s Dietician following which you can lose weight faster in a healthy way without skipping any meal:

Diet Plan for Healthy Weight loss 3

  1. The first rule says that for loosing weight one should not eliminate any food group completely from diet until and unless there is some food related allergy.As each food group has its own nutritional value
  2. Losing weight totally complies with right combination of foods like Guru doesn’t suggest fruits with meals. Fruits should be consumed separately.
  3. Losing weight is not only concerned about calorie restriction but also about right nutrition suitable for each body type
  4. Day begun with a lukewarm water mixed with lemon and honey can do wonders for your digestion system and u feel light and energetic
  5. Good news for tea lovers as they can have tea by adding ginger to it as it raises the body temperature and helps in burning fat choose Diet Plan for Healthy Weight loss India
  6. Digestion system is directly proportionate to weight loss. The healthier the digestion system the more speedy would be the weight loss process
  7. To keep your digestion tract clear one should regularly include fiber, Vitamin C and photochemical found in different colored fruits and vegetables
  8. To be in shape one should avoid excess sugar and refined carbohydrates found in junk foods
  9. To avoid toxins entering into your body avoid preservative food and packed food as they contain excess sodium. Always consume fresh and home-cooked food and fresh juices instead of canned juice or cola which contain excess refined sugar
  10. To lose weight faster some people follow miraculous 7-day Diet Plan for Healthy Weight loss . This is a gimmick as after following it weight bounces back fastly and our body tends to gain weight more faster
  11. One should follow simple rules while having meals:
  • Breakfast: take heavy breakfast and include highly protein rich meal
  • Lunch: salad,chapati, rice ,vegetables etc. according to your working routine but should be taken on time before 2 pm
  • Dinner: should take light dinner but if having it before 7:30 pm then can have it nicely
  1. There should be a gap of 4 hrs. between every meal and should eat at least 2 fruits a day.

So by following this regime one can attain healthy weight. and Diet Plans for Healthy Weight loss