Diet Food is not Boring


Diet food is not boring – Many people think that healthy food or diet food is boring. I will not deny this fact for those who make their diet food boring and then complaint. I agree diet food is boring but only when we make it boring. Let’s see how diet food or healthy food can be as yummy as any junk food.

Best high fiber foods in India

Do you know that you can eat pasta, paneer, kabuli chane, idli, chiila, chicken and many more things in your healthy diet! If don’t than you should contact Guru .

In this article, I will tell you how these magical food items can be eaten under healthy diet.

Eat what you like: Eat what you like by adding more colors to your food. More colors mean more vegetables like tomato, onion, capsicum, beans, lettuce, peas, carrots, cabbage, radish, beetroot etc. For example you want to eat pasta then take less of pasta and more of vegetables to satisfy your craving for junk food while you are on a diet food.

Spice up your food: To make your diet food tasty use different spices. Do you know that turmeric helps to improve immune system, black pepper aid digestion, cardamom has cancer fighting effects, and clove helps to aid gastric troubles! So spice up your food to avoid boring diet and make yourself healthy.

Fruits are tasty and healthy: Eating fruits is the tastiest and healthier way to make your diet interesting. Eating citric food can helps to detoxify your body. Also seasonal fruits help to delish your taste buds.

Know your limit: This is the utmost thing that should be kept in mind. Over eating is never going to help you as it increases the metabolism of body. In fact if you over eat normal food that will also lead to increase your metabolism. And metabolism disorder can lead to diabetes and obesity. So eating in limit does not make diet food boring.

Fat free food is not compulsory: Sometimes while going on a diet people eat fat free food to lose weight, which is not at all good. You should eat fat, but in a healthier way or in a right amount for e.g. put 1tbsp of raw ghee on your food item, Nuts are good source of fat try that as well.

Diet with western food is not the only option: This is myth that only western diet can help you to lose your weight. In fact you can do dieting in accordance to your taste buds. If your taste bud is familiar with Italian food then you can go on diet with Italian dishes. Similarly you can go on diet with Indian dishes as well.

Go online search healthy recipes and try to make good mix up of food to make it more rich and tasty. Recipe videos and books are one of the good options.