Cutting Sugar from Your Diet to Lose Weight


Sugar the modern drug
Say no to sugar as you are already sweet enough.
Sugar is biggest flaw in modern diets and does more harm than good.
But its important to know why sugar is not good for our body and how to eliminate it from our diet..

Why sugar is bad? 

Sugar is bed

  • Sugar is basically made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Its contains no essential nutrients and just calories, often called as EMPTY CALORIES. So eating sugary sweets and drinks is just adding the calorie intake of your body.
  • Sugar is made of two things glucose and fructose. The liver only can metabolize fructose to a limit. Therefore eating excessive sugar, forces to convert the fructose in fat, and leads to fatty liver.This fat is deposited in the blood vessels causing heart strokes and attacks.
  • Eating excessive sugar causes insulin resistance. Insulin resistance means the cell doesn’t react to insulin as it should, leading to high blood sugar which ultimately causes type II diabetes.
  • Obesity is the major problem in today’s world and sugar contributes to it. If you are trying to lose weight cut down your sugar intake.
  • Apart from obesity, heart problems are the number one killer in the world. But to our surprise Saturated fats don’t increase cholesterol rather its sugar which increases the cholesterol in blood, causing heart problems.
  • Latest studies say that elevated insulin level cause cancer and cancer cells to multiply.


BUT even after knowing this its every difficult to cut sugar from your diet. This is because sugar is highly addictive and causes massive dopamine release, making it difficult for you to leave it.


How to curb sugar cravings!

  • The best way to curb your sugar craving is eat a fruit. Fruits contain natural sugar and very less fructose content.
  • Chewing a gum helps in sugar craving.
  • Eating regular and full meals causes less craving.
  • Eat everything you like but lessen the quantity. For example, eat two pieces of chocolates instead of the whole bar.
  • Try avoiding sweetened beverages like coke, Pepsi.
    Well there is no safe amount of sugar per day so try to avoid it as much as possible.
    Now we come to sugar in processed food. Most of the processed foods contain high sugar.

Sugar has many names like high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), dehydrated cane juice, fructose, glucose, dextrose, syrup, cane sugar, raw sugar, corn syrup or sucrose.

So if a packed food contains more than 3 types of sugar, avoid it.
Therefore eat healthy, live healthy..